Reentering Monday morning

By Sharon Attoh

As I walk away from this space and into life and the morning and the things that need to be done, I feel a wave of sadness. That I’m not finished here. That I’ve not had enough time with myself, to sit, and write, and to be with me, my own creator. I don’t like the sound of my voice when I hear it calling my children to rise, don’t enjoy the kitchen with the remnants of yesterday’s cooking and eating strewed across the counters and in the sink. I run back to my room – re-light the candle – I’m not finished here – though, nor will I ever be. Perspective, I hear. Remember, perspective. The radio goes on in the living room, the sound of toast popping up from the toaster. Monday morning has begun, and what should I do to not partake, to remain here, in this sacred space. My values, yes, my north star. I take a deep breath and say it again, I. Am. Love. It helps a little. Should I wake up at 3 tomorrow instead of 4? Not go to sleep at all? Perspectives. I am Love. You’ll never be finished, not whilst you are alive on this earth, there’s always another project, want, or book to be written or read. You’ll never get it done. So this is the only moment, and the next which becomes this one, and this, and this. Oh, how should it be that I can’t carry this peace with me throughout the day, and in to every sentence that I speak, or thought that I think?

Random conversations. Monday morning life ensues. Carry this with me. Remember who I am? That God’s will is my own. That I make these choices, these decisions. Let my heart feel joy at the remnants in the kitchen – that food was good that we ate last night, from the farmer to the table, I give thanks. Those, my precious children that I pull gently out of sleep and into the bathroom and the day, those that I carried, nursed, and fed, here they come with their wants and their needs that I am honored to be able to give them. They chose me. He chose me. Perspectives. We dress. This, is always here. It’s not in this pen, this paper, it’s in this hand which belongs to the heart and is helped by the mind. The heart and mind of Christ. His Self which is also part of I.

As soon as I go on my phone, it’s over. The sharp brightness of fake life glaring at me from this small screen. The place in which we all abide these days. So powerful, brilliant, full of opportunity and destruction all at once. The place in which we see ourselves through the images that we project and hope that those looking will like what they see, be inspired by, called to an emotion. It has become the normal to concern first with what they think, before checking in with yourself. Your Self. Who am I anyway?

Be a Light manager

The internet, and social media today play an immense role in the way that we see the world today. Whilst this seems obvious, it is beneficial to remember that we have in our hands a connection to the World that we would not otherwise see. Others’ thoughts, feelings and opinions bombard our brains, bringing angst and feelings of inadequacy, and occasionally filling us with joy. We compare and judge, others, ourselves against others, ultimately ourselves. We are in an age where it is normal for us to see hundreds, perhaps thousands of images a day which just a short while ago we would not have had access to. And we wonder why the suicide rate is on the rise. It is but our own perception of each thing we look upon that holds us where we are, yet often we allow others views to dictate our thoughts about ourselves and about them, before we look upon the truth as it is.

There are great lessons found through the words of others, surprising and different to what we thought we knew and if we come with open minds, they can bring us peace and understanding. Let us question everything as we look through glass screens in to each other’s lives and worlds, remembering that that barrier contains a million secrets in each thought or word that comes from another. Only your own word can be true and trusted to you, and you must hear and know that even, especially, when looking into the lives of others.

I recently saw a post asking “how is all this new-age shit helping the famine in Rwanda?” Accompanying this post was a devastating picture of a Mother holding her emaciated child which brought feelings of shame, abandonment and sorrow. True – how could this be? Why should we allow this in our world where material and abundance flow? War, genocide, and tragic circumstances of intense poverty are all around us. Landslides, earthquakes, tsunami’s, natural and unnatural disasters that wipe away streets, towns, families and friends. Who is at fault? And if our “new-age shit” doesn’t help, then what does? Unless we have a spare billion dollars in our pocket, there is it seems not much that we can do to alleviate the suffering of those faced with these dark tragedies, and even when we go in with money, how many do we help, and will there be more of the same tomorrow? Who is at fault? Why is this happening? What can we really be doing to help? The post suggested that money should come from the wealthier nations to be spent on saving those in need.  These questions run too deep.  Is it not the wealthier nations that benefit from keeping those beneath them? What is it about the death filled images that makes us weep and give to charities set up by our very own governments? Where do the millions of dollars raised during telethon’s and charity events actually go? Why, after all the money that has been collected do things continue to look much the same? No matter which charity we support, we rarely seem to witness the much-needed relief. I will not judge those charities that do work from the heart with great intention to do good and make positive change. I will not judge the charities that do tireless work from the heart, with great intention to do good and make positive change. I myself took that stance for many years. I will not judge the images and the people that flood my screens and my heart with sorrow.

But as small as I am, and in addition to my giving and searching, I will continue to meditate for I am a bringer of light. This realization ignites my energies and I know that this is the truth. The peace that we bring through our meditation practices can alleviate the agony of the world. It is the only thing that can. Pain, suffering, joy, abundance, they are all just energies, created by our judgements and perceptions. In our moments of silent meditation, all of our thoughts can cease to be. We allow a force greater than ourselves to hold us, we become one with everything that is. Letting the light that is infinite become part of you, and knowing that you are one with all things is the first step to relieve the suffering of the world.

On the days that you feel tired, that nothing seems to spring from your well, and timing is all out of whack, go with it. For these days are a gift and a blessing too.

Setting your clock to rise earlier can make you less tired if you spend those extra minutes in meditation, or doing some yoga or other exercise.

Meditation moment:

Connect with your heart, and let it receive the message of Love. That everything is, and will be well this day. Try not to think too far ahead in these coming awake times, of what happened yesterday, or of what is due tomorrow or today. The importance of now is everything during this time of reawakening and rekindling your fire. This lethargy is a blessed reminder to restore your connection to you. Sit peacefully and breathe deeply, feeling the breath go in through your nose, deep down through your lungs, and into your belly, and back up and out again. Releasing slowly along with various tensions that you may be holding on to in your face, shoulders, arms or body. Stay for a while, focusing only on this breath, until you begin to feel the intimate tingling of the stream of life that ripples through your fingers, hands, heart space and entire body. Feel joy in this moment knowing that life holds you here in full forgiveness awaiting your glad acceptance which will set You free.

Say to yourself ‘There is no room for fear today for I have welcomed Love into my heart.’ When the time comes to get on with your day, carry this peace with you and expect a miracle at every corner, knowing that you, yourself, just created one.


Sharon has worn many hats in her life, she was a hairdresser, a producer, an actor, a philanthropist, and even a corporate executive, but her first love that she returns to again and again is writing.

Sharon believes that the sun, the moon, the stars and the sky are in each and every one of us. That we are the creators of our universe, individually and collectively, and that by listening to the wisdom of our hearts our beautiful truth is revealed.

Sharon has been a student of A Course in Miracles, and on a voyage of enlightenment for over 30 years. She lived in West Africa amongst elders, chiefs, healers, spiritual doctors, and medicine women. Sharon is married to Ghanaian musician Ayitey, and they are blessed with 5 children.


  1. Sharon Attoh says:

    Hi Jose, I’ll check it out. Thanks so much for reading, and for your words of encouragement.

  2. Tara Ellis says:

    Lovely Sharon, really beautiful ❤️Xxx

  3. QuiteShy says:

    Great work!♥️

  4. Sharon Attoh says:

    Tara, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. Bless you <3 xxx

  5. DeeDee says:

    What a lovely journey you took us on. Bless you and your family. Will re read your words and hold them in my heart. Thank you.

  6. Suzan says:

    From the moment I met you, I knew you were filled with love and light. Miss you!

  7. Sharon Attoh says:

    DeeDee, thank you for reading and commenting. Bless you and your family too! Love always <3

  8. Sharon Attoh says:

    Suzan, so much Love to You <3 <3

  9. Terri Thompson says:

    My Darling Empress,
    Your writing is RICH! I need to take it in slowly, savoring the delicate morsels and be careful not to choke on the many GOLDEN NUGGETS OF WISDOM, LOVE, HOPE and FAITH. Yes Sister Sharon, your writings are RICH!

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