Share Your Energy with Like Minded Individuals at Interfusion!

The Interfusion Festival is scheduled for January 16th through the 20th, 2020, in Arlington, VA. This festival offers workshops, parties, and short courses for individuals to develop communication skills and relationship skills.

What to Expect at the Festival?

The festival planners describe it as “four days of learning, healing, play and connection” intended to foster a multicultural community. The activities focus on developing a collective consciousness plus individual wellbeing.

Although many activities center around romantic relationships and relating to those you date or desire to date, the festival planners designed it for both individuals and couples. It immerses the attendees in four days of creative expression that introduces the attendees to new art forms, yoga, and health practices.

Another top goal of the event is to “inspire growth” through the removal of creative and self-expressive inhibitions to foster enhanced personal enlightenment. The event centers around the concept of universal love and the authentic connection it aims to produce with others.

The festival offers a jam-packed schedule of relationship courses and workshops on yoga, exercise, art, and more. The idea is to teach the integration of all pieces of one’s life to one another through a non-judgmental, rivalry free setting. 

Professional instructors harness their education and communication and teaching talents to educate audiences during the four-day festival. You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus on physical wellness to manage stress and better connect with your peers.
  • Enhance your emotional wellness by learning to “recognize, understand and manage your feelings” healthily through mindful practices like meditation and tantra.
  • Focus on intellectual wellness by exploring new study areas and hobbies.
  • Improve your social wellness through support groups and better relationship skills practiced at on-site jams, socials and parties.
  • Focus on spiritual wellness by healing and energizing your spirit and soul through your own interest.
  • Improve your sexual wellness through courses in spiritual sexuality, intimacy, and tantra.
  • Enhance your creative wellness by unleashing your outlets to enable your creativity to thrive through learning new art forms.

Finding a Great Place to Stay

Where you stay can enhance your success with the festival. A hotel like the Hyatt Place Arlington/Courthouse Plaza, provides a close room to lay your head, but also rooms designed to separate work, sleep and play.

You will find hotel products in your room to promote skin and hair health, plus a breakfast of natural ingredients, like cage-free eggs and whole fruit. You can work out in the fitness center 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Amenities like these can help enhance your festival experience. You get more out of your stay at the Hyatt.

Don’t miss the Interfusion Festival scheduled for January 16 to 20, 2020 in Arlington, VA offers workshops, parties and short courses for individuals to develop communication skills and relationship skills. Take this opportunity to improve your life and your skills.