Q&A with Corin Grillo, author of The Angel Experiment

While some people think of angels as being sweet, loving, heavenly beings who sit around singing and playing the harp, in The Angel Experiment: A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life, author Corin Grillo assures readers that angels are actually powerful allies who are always available to help them manifest the health, wealth, and life of their dreams.

The Angel Experiment is based on a popular 21-day course Grillo has been offering only since 2015, with miraculous results.  It outlines a nonreligious, yet highly spiritual, step-by-step method for working with the angels in just five to ten minutes a day for 21 days.  The book’s guided daily meditations and invocations offer readers a tangible experience of how angels can help hem manifest the life they truly desire. We hope you’ll enjoy this Q and A with her about the book. 

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Tell us about your book The Angel Experiment and what inspired you to write about it.

The angels inspired me to write it.  The angels inspire me and guide me to do all of the work that I do because they want humans to know that they are not alone. They want us to learn how to work with them.

How did you first start working with the angels? 

During a very hard period in my life, I prayed to the angels. When I did, they brought a life-changing miracle into my life and after that moment, it was impossible for me to deny the existence of angels.

You encourage your readers to treat your book as if they are scientists beginning a potentially groundbreaking laboratory experiment. Why is this important? 

It’s important to keep an open mind when working with angels.  Open minds lead to open eyes and humans are more able to see the influence of Spirit in their lives when they aren’t overly skeptical.

Healthy discernment is ok, but ruling out the possibility that angels exist blocks their magic really quickly!

Do you believe in miracles? Why or why not? 

Yes.  They happen all of the time and come in a variety of different forms.  Some are “smaller” than others, but the more you work with angels, the more your heart and mind can perceive and experience life’s miracles in all forms.

You say in The Angel Experiment that we need to develop the right kind of eyes to signs from the angels. How so?

Learning to see the influence of angels takes a perspective shift that most of us didn’t learn growing up.  In the West, we emphasize and place a higher value on logic and linear thinking.  The influence of Spirit, however, lives in the creative, intuitive, and “irrational” part of our minds.  Without opening up our spiritual senses, it is challenging to fully experience the gifts that angels and other helpful beings work so hard to offer us.

Our culture spends a lot of time dismissing and discounting anything that can’t be put under a microscope, and it’s too bad. Many people are missing out on an incredible opportunity to expand in love, joy, health, and wealth by shutting that part of themselves down.

You say it is important to manage our expectations and to have patience when working with angels.  Why is that important?

Though the angels often work quickly to show us they are real, they will also do it in their own way. Sometimes the way that they show up in our lives is not the way we are hoping for or expecting.

This is why it’s important to develop your intuitive senses while working with angels.

Sometimes the presence of angels can be subtle yet potent. If we are looking for just “giant” signs, we may miss the gold that is right in front of us when it comes in more subtle ways.

It’s also important to know that when we are inviting new outcomes into our lives, sometimes the manifestations won’t look exactly the way that we want them to.  

Learning how to be grateful for anything and everything we are given is one of the keys to expanding into broader miraculous fields.

You encourage readers to reimagine coincidences when working with the angels. Tell us more about that please.

Yes, quite simply, “coincidence” and “synchronicity” play huge roles in the way that angels reveal their presence to humans and guide our lives.  If we dismiss these events as “just a coincidence,” we can miss the divine intervention that is happening on our behalf and the pure magic that is life itself.

I beg my readers to stop saying, “that was just a coincidence,” and to start being curious about the possibility that it wasn’t a coincidence at all.  What if it is direct communication from your angels?  What are the angels trying to tell you?  Questions like these keep your angelic magic flowing, as opposed to shutting it down.

What do you most hope readers will take away from your book? 

I hope that they will experience the magic and the reality of the angels’ influence in their lives, so that they know once and for all, that they are not alone, that they have never been alone, and that they never have to feel alone again. Miracles are real.

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Corin Grillo is the author of The Angel Experiment and founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy. A trained psychotherapist, angel channel, healer, and teacher, Corin has helped thousands of people all over the world go from angel-curious to angel-powered. She lives in Northern California. Visit her online at http://www.CorinGrillo.com.