6 Reasons Why Friends Are Important To Our Lives

We all have friends. We may not see them as often as we used toor would like to, and some of us have many whilst others have just one or two great ones, but it is something that we all have in common as human beings. The question that has been asked in the past, however, is why are friends so important? We all love having them in our lives, but why? Is there really any benefit to this? The answer seems to be yes; in fact, there are a number of benefits, and they all add up to ensuring that we are happy and healthy (both physically and mentally). Here are some of the main reasons why having friends is so important.

Friends Shape You

Whether you realize it or not, the friends you have helpedshape you into the person you are today. If you had never met them, or if you had made different friends, you would be a different person. It’s incredible how our lives can be affected by the people around us, but it’s true; we tend to align ourselves with the people whose personalities we enjoy being around, and this actually cements friendships because we start to enjoy the same things (or find new things to enjoy together).

This is why finding good friends is so important, and why falling in with the ‘wrong crowd’ can be seriously detrimental to our lives, and the lives of those around us. It’s also why we sometimes drift away from people who used to be good friends – as we meet others in our lives our personality can change, andthat means the people we were once close to have different ideas and enjoy different things. This is an entirely natural way of being.

Friends Give You Life Skills

Learning life skills is something we all need to do in order to become more confident and successful in the things that we do. When we have good friends, we are able to explore life with them and through them, learning life skills as we do so. The great thing is that they are learning from you too, and this kind of reciprocal relationship is what makes good friendships last for a long time.

You will get to know them and yourself better over time, so enjoying the friendship and being with them is all-important. You can share your dreams and goals with them, andthey will encourage you to reach them. You can be inspired by the things that they do, just as they can be inspired by you. It’s ideal when it comes to learning all you need to know.

Friends Help You Find A Partner

This is not meant in a literal sense, although it’s true that sometimes a good friend will introduce you to someone who then goes on to become a partner or spouse, but rather in an emotional and psychological one. The friends you meet will shape you, as mentioned above, and they will determine the kind of personality that you enjoy spending time with. Friendship, especially early friendships, are almost like a practice run for a romantic relationship – you will get to know what you do and don’t like about people, and why that is important to you. When you then go on to find a mate, you will be immediately drawn to someone whose personality closely matches those of your friends – when this happens your new relationship is much more likely to last for a long time. When you are drawn to someone just because of their looks, for example, the romance may not last as long.

Friends Are An Emotional Release

Everyone needs to let their emotions out from time to time, to really express how they are feeling; keeping your feeling pent up inside can lead to serious mental health issues, and can even cause physical problems related to high blood pressure, for example. Having good friends with whom you can talk about your problems and let your emotions out is vital for a healthy life.

You can talk about any problems you have with a good friend whom you trust; you might be having romantic issues, or your boss could be bullying you. Perhaps your mom or dad is unwell and is going to move in with you, andyou’re worried about how that will affect your family dynamics. If this is the case,you can learn more here, or maybe your children are acting up at school. No matter what it is, your friends will be there to listen and to let you express yourself. They may not have any advice, but the adviceis not the most important aspect – it’s the ability to let go that counts.

Friends Mean More Friends

If you like the idea of having a larger number of friends, butyou’re not sure how to find them, don’t worry; your current friends can help. When we were at school and college, it was easy to find people to whom we naturally gravitated and who became firm friends. Once out in the ‘real world’ meeting people isn’t always that easy, and we don’t always want our work colleagues to be friends as well.

Ask your friends about their other friends, the ones you haven’t met. It’s likely that you’ll have similar personalities and similar likes and dislikes, because, after all, they are friends with the person you already like spending time with. Getting together in a larger group may feel daunting at first, but you can easily come away with new friends, giving you a larger friendship group to enjoy when you want to.

Friends Reduce Loneliness

When you have friends,it naturally follows that you will be less lonely. Loneliness can be damaging, and it can affect us mentally, causing depression and stress. This means that life is not as enjoyable as it could be. So having friendly people close to you, even if you don’t see them or speak to them that regularly, is essential to good health. It can even, some studies say, increase longevity.