Spirit Animals

By Sarah, Writer, Co-Owner of Numerology Sign, and Spiritual Guide

Spirit animals stem from cultures with spiritual beliefs. For them, spirit animals are guides sent from the spirit world to support us when no one is there for us to do so. These spirit animals can guide us when it comes to dealing with the challenges in different aspects of life such as love and relationships as detailed by Numerology Sign, family, and even aspirations. They bring with them messages that help us through life. If you understand what your spirit animal symbolizes, then you will know and even uncover some of your strengths that will prove to be truly useful in life’s challenges.

So, how do you find your spirit animal? Others may simply say that since birth, it is a certain type of animal that has been close to their hearts and often around them, but this is not the case for everyone. Especially if you are not living in a place where animals of various kinds simply run around. Some people try to find the connection with their spirit animal, but people’s personal preferences or favoritesmight come into play. No, just because you own a cat or a dog does not mean it is your spirit animal. This ruins the genuineness of finding one’s spirit animal.

Also, it would be good to know that despite knowing your spirit animal, other spirit animals may also visit you or appear before you through meditation or in a dream. Often, they do so to give a certain message that will warn or help you out with whatever is to come to your life.

How Spirit Animals Appear

Spirit animals may appear in three different manners. They are:

  • Physical Form

When we say physical form, this means literally. It can be repeatedlyseeing this animal while you are on your way to another place. Of course, recognizing them will require a little more alertness on your end. However, there will be times when you will see this spirit animal once. It will be very remarkable though, and the experience will vary. One thing is sure, however, you will never get it out of your head. If such experience occurred to you lately, it might be a spirit animal that went out of its way to send you a message or give you a warning.

  • Dream

Dreams are amazing in such a way that they can involve the contents of both our conscious and subconscious. At times, things get mixed up that our dreams give off this surreal feeling. One such manner that spirit animals prefer to appear to us is through our dreams. Just like in their physical form, this may occur repeatedly, making sure that we remember all the details that came with the dream. It may also occur once, but always remarkable and unforgettable.

  • Meditation

This is a manner where you can pretty much request the appearance of the spirit animal. Of course, you are not in control of which spirit animal will appear. What you are in control of is your focus and availability to see them. There is no exacttype of meditation to use so you can see or find your spirit animal, but there are some guidelines here. However, there are certain factors that are required from you, such as using your imagination to visualize your spirit animal. This will require a huge amount of focus and ability to understand yourself well.



  • Taking control
  • Natural leader
  • Strength
  • Standing up for what is right
  • Confidence
  • Healing
  • The beauty of time for one’s self

This spirit animal is what helps you go through the most difficult time in your life when hope seems to have run out and all you have left is nothing but despair. Even in times when your belief seems to be despised by almost everyone, the guidance of the bear will help you stand up for what you believe is true and right.

When taking up the role of a leader, the bear is your best guide. It will guide you through being the best leader there is. The bear will teach you how to lead with respect, not with fear. Yes, there will be people that will fear you due to the guidance of the bear. However, this is not fear due to other ugly reasons, but due to your strength and knowing whento use it.

The bear also symbolizes solidarity. This spirit animal will let you understand and recognize the beauty of solidarity and how it can help you grow as a person. Forget wallowing in your solitude. With the bear as your guide, your me-time will not be wasted into something as shallow.



  • Cunning
  • Can see through the deceit
  • Responsiveness
  • Dreams
  • Awareness
  • Ability to adapt and get through things

If the fox is your spirit animal, then do not be surprised if people know you for your intelligence andcunning. The wolf may be intelligent, to the point of cunning. However, you will always have both. Such is the nature of foxes. This also helps you see through deceit that other people might put you through.

With the fox as your spirit animal or guide, you will find out what you can do in no time. Swiftness and being able to figure a way out of sticky situations will always be a talent of the fox – an ability passed down to the people these spirit animals guide. Mind you, the way outthat the fox cooks up will always be the smartestway. And so, you get around and you will be able to do it with flair.

This spirit animal will also be the one to help you out when you are lost and you need to find your way back. This does not apply only to being literally lost. They can also help you out when you need to find yourself.

Awareness or alertness is also one of the things that the fox will share to you, as a spirit animal. You will also be very observant and have the ability to take the things you have observed, piece the puzzle, and even deduct. Your natural instinct and wisdom will help you through the important relationships you have in life.

This spirit animal teaches you the art of getting around life’s obstacles – its beauty of quietly or peacefully winning challenges.



  • Focus
  • Taking charge
  • Power of clear sight
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Message

The hawk is known as the messenger of the spirit world. If the hawk is your spirit animal, then you may just have the ability to see beyond. Unlike the owl’s ability to see just beyond illusions or deceit, the hawk is able to see beyond the apparent world. Thus giving you the ability to see bits of the spirit world and have a knack for divination.

This spirit animal also influences the way you take the lead and the initiative when the time and situation calls for it. With its guidance, you will know when to step up and help others out using your own abilities.

The hawk also helps you focus in such a way that helps you be productive when at work, or bring out the best in you in whatever task you are taking with the hawk’s guidance. When it comes to life, the hawk helps you understand the things that you need to prioritize in life. It helps you see what is to come and be ready for it once it is to occur in your life.



  • Wise
  • Intuitive
  • Recognizes deceit and pretense or illusions
  • Symbolizes change, transition, or death

Having the owl as your spirit animal gives you the ability to read between the lines or see way beyond what the naked eye sees. You can see pretenses and deceit from a mile away and you easily know what to do to deal with them.

Your ability to see beyond does not only enable you to get past through deceit or pretense, it also lets you see people for who they really are, despite their marred-looking souls. You have this certain knowledge when a person is naturally good or bad.

With the owl’s wisdom and intuition, you can be sure to be able to make a good decision even when it is the hardest to make. The owl’s assistance will help you find all the reasons that can justify all the options around you and lay them all out to you as if cards. This way, you get to easily choose the best decision that fits the situation.

It is an old tradition that links owls with death. They have long since been the symbols that seem to always bring about death. However, if you consider it again, their presence may also symbolize changes in life or transitions that need to be made.



  • Craves freedom
  • Very instinctive, and truly brilliant when matched with their intelligence.
  • Does not easily trust people, very cautious.
  • Intelligent, even to the point of cunning.

As the wolf, your instincts will be very strong and it is ever-present and active as compared to the other spirit animals’. You will also be very intelligent – this, you know for a fact. The people around you would also not deny your intelligence.

You rely heavily on your instincts especially when stuck in a new situation, where you pretty much do not have an idea how to deal with it. There is no reason for you to stop believing your instincts, even if, in a way, it seems to have failed you once.