Q&A with Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker’s Soul

1. Messages from the Divine is a book of spiritual teachings you received in meditation. Where do the Messages come from?

I’ve been receiving messages in writing for almost twenty years. I had a near-death experience in 2000, and something about that experience changed me—I became psychic overnight, and my spiritual understanding opened up. For me, that showed up as an awareness of beings that people often experience during these kinds of life events, such as the Departed or angels. Except for me, I didn’t see a tunnel of white light or see angels—instead, I began to receive spiritual messages while writing. I enter in to a kind of fugue state or light trance state, and I connect with guides. At first I really didn’t understand how this could be possible, but over time—and after receiving so many teachings—I because accustomed to the process. This book contains the most important teachings I’ve received to date.

  1. Why are the Messages important? How can they help the average person in their everyday life, or the person who’s new to spirituality?

Nowadays, most people don’t have a solid spiritual understanding. According to the PEW report, 70% of Americans no longer follow the religion they were raised in. That means most people are either non-spiritual—they don’t have any kind of spiritual awareness, or their choosing to not access that part of their selves.  Or they are awake, but they’re not aligned with any system—they’re creating their own belief system out of the many choices available. It can be very confusing. How do you know what’s authentic? How do you know what’s going to fit you? This book contains teachings that many would consider very ancient— the core ideas that overlap in most of the world religions, such as Oneness and Love. And yet it’s also really modern—there’s a lot of awareness of how the distractions and new connectivity of modern life are changing us, and how we’re really at a new stage of our human evolution. Most of all, the book is really practical—it contains clear teachings on the burning questions that most of us want to answer:

  • How can I live as my true self?
  • How can I live authentically?
  • How can I receive Divine guidance?
  • What am I here for?
  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • How can I tap into my soul’s wisdom?
  1. Many listeners are already advanced spiritual seekers. How can the Messages help them?

People who’ve delved into a lot of training or traditions will find that this book is a continuation or progression of ideas they might already know—yet it put things together a new away, and lets go of some of the old superstitions. It’s a spiritual thought system that presents ideas for an evolving spirituality. Beginner or advanced, you can work with this book at a few different levels: beginners will find one level of understanding, and advanced seekers will be met where they are.

  1. In the book, you say that spirituality and intuition are the same. What does this mean?

There are lots of paths to consciousness, which is all that spirituality and intuition are. You can walk the path from the spiritual side—doing a lot of meditation or prayer or walking in the woods or whatever it is you do for your practice—and over time, you’ll become so conscious that you will have direct knowing—you’ll have full intuition. Or, you can walk the path from intuition—doing a lot of psychic training, working on that inner knowing. Over time, you’ll come to an innate understanding of yourself as a soul. Both paths are the same, walked from different directions. We get so excited about the idea of “psychic” but it’s really just a form of spirituality.

  1. In the book, you talk about soul lessons. What are these, and why do they matter?

When we see ourselves as souls first, we realize that we’re not here to complete our “to do” list—we’re here for soul growth. What this means, is that we’re here to work our way from being asleep to being awake, from being worldly to being conscious… our purpose here in this lifetime, is to get as far as we can on this path toward awareness, awakening, consciousness, expansion and love.  We’re here to get really developed as humans—so that we leave all the petty ego stuff begin, and get to a more expanded state. And along the way, we’re taught by soul lessons—the challenges or teachers we meet on our path—who help us go further on our path. Some of these soul lessons are difficult and some are easy, some are negative and some are positive, but they are all experiences where we learn—and grow—beyond who we were before. For example, if you have a sticky or difficult relationship with someone, it’s likely that this person is not an annoyance to you—this person is probably one of your master teachers! Or if you have a struggle with say, addiction, that is one of your soul lessons you’re working on. All of us are working on multiple soul lessons in every lifetime, and the goal is always the same: becoming more conscious of who we really are.

  1. In the Messages, you say that it’s possible for anyone to have direct, two-way communication with the Universe. How does this work? Can anyone do it?

The idea of direct connection—two-way communication with the Universe—is one of the key teachings of the book. In the past, we believed that only certain people could connect with the Divine: for example, priest, rabbi, pastor, guru, spiritual teacher, etc.—we thought some kind of expert was needed. But this isn’t true. We don’t need any middleman. It is our birthright have this direct connection on our own. And it’s very easy to learn, and most people are already doing it at some level already.

  1. The book talks about the idea of the “language of the Universe.” What is this? Can we speak it?

The Universe speaks to us in a particular soul language—and yes, we can learn how to speak this language. In fact, we already are, even if we’re not aware of it. For example, most people understand that “coincidence” is not random—and that these synchronicities are one of the ways the Universe communicates with us directly. Synchronicities are a way the Universe “nudges” us to go into a certain direction that will be for our benefit. As another example, many people believe in angels—and that’s another way we can speak the language of the Universe—we can have direct contact with the angelic realm, simply by going into meditation and asking for this. There are so many ways the Universe communicates! And all of the ways are easy for people to learn. The Universe has been communicating with us since humans first walked this planet—it’s just that over time, we’ve forgetting what the language. Is. The book teaches how to have this contact again, through connection with Divine beings, animals, nature, events and energy.

  1. What’s your personal spiritual practice? What do you advise for people who want to open their spirituality?

A lot of people think you have to meditate for several hours a day or eat a certain diet. But this isn’t so. There are many specific practices, but for me, spirituality is an everyday practice. It’s how we approach our lives—it’s a way of being. So, my practice is: connecting as much as possible, all the time. Just being open and aware of what is going on outside of what logical or linear thought tells us—looking beyond the mind or ego or our thoughts, or what society tells us. There is a whole Universe—literally—outside of linear thought that informs us just as clearly, and in fact is more reliable and accurate. We can live in this flow state of connecting to our intuition and our soul wisdom—all the time. Just slowing down, being aware, and approaching things from soul first, mind second—is the key. And it can be a struggle to live this way at first, because it’s so different from what we’re taught. But once you being to live in connection with the Universe, you don’t want to live any other way.

  1. What’s the best way for people to work with the Messages?

The Messages are designed as a handbook for spiritual study. If you are a start-to-finish person, you can read a lesson one at time, and then do the exercise for each lesson, and in this way you can work thought the book for a very complete curriculum. If you are a person who likes less structure, you can open the book to any page, and read the Lesson there. It’s very flexible. The exercises are very simple, and might involve writing in your journal, thinking about a question or doing a very brief meditation of a minute or two.

  • You offer a FREE 11-week online study course for the book. How does that work and where can listeners can get it?

People can get the FREE online study guide for the book by going to my website www.sarawiseman.com and signing up there. It’s a FREE, 11-week, online course that helps take people further—it’s a great study guide that people can take on their own, or some people might like to create a study groups in their community or spiritual group, and do the work together. I wanted to offer the FREE online course, because I’ve been teaching online courses for many years, and I love the community they build, and how they help people from all over the world connect. The more we connect with and understand each other, the more we see we’re all One.