Eli Stone and metaphysics

Katie Holmes appeared on the Eli Stone show last night in one of Eli’s visions.  The rest of the episode Eli tries to figure out what if anything his vision means and whether or not to meet with the woman in his vision.

This raises some metaphysical questions.  For example, all of us have moments where we see what is possible for our lives in the future or we have a dream or vision that incorporates unfamiliar people and places.  Sometimes the significance of these dreams is obvious.  Other times, the meaning is not immediately revealed.  We are left to grapple with the meaning of these places and people that appear in our dreams and visions.  Many people report having seen a particular place in a dream and then being at that exact location many years later without any prior knowledge of its existence.

The show does not offer any direct explanation for the occurrence of these esoteric events.  However, it does suggest that sometimes we experience certain phenomenon for the soul reason of reminding us that something greater than ourself is active in our life.  This episode does an effective job of asking these questions and leaving it up to us to find our own answers.

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