Eli Stone season 2 premiere

Eli Stone, the drama on ABC about a lawyer who receives prophetic visions, had its season two premiere this past Tuesday.  The episode begins with Eli questioning whether he wants to continue to receive his visions or return to what he believes to be normal.  He wrestles with this decision and is given direction along the way.  His psychiatrist, played by Sigourney Weaver, bluntly tells him, “Eli, you are one of those people who normal is considered a failure of potential.”  This causes Eli to reconsider what his role in life should be.

This show does an effective job of asking whether faith and vision can be accepted and useful in a society that often value logic above all.  The main character is a lawyer who needs documented evidence to advocate for his clients.  Yet, he must use Divine inspirations as a resource to gather the hard facts needed to win his cases.  This asks us whether we can trust that a Higher power or God is actively providing beneficial instruction in our life.

It is exciting to see a major network bring this show back for a second season and promote it during its prime time lineup.  It aires Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm on ABC.  The promo for season two is below.

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