Joe Vitale On Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea

The interview below between Donny Deutsch and Joe Vitale reveals Vitale’s step-by-step process for creating the life you desire.  Most of what he says is pretty common advice.  However, Vitale talks about one concept that is often overlooked: ‘getting clear’.  For example, some people say they want a lot of money, but deep inside they may have a detrimental belief such as only evil people should have money.  Vitale talks about the importance of searching for the hidden limiting beliefs inside of us as we go about the process of manifesting the type of life we want.  He also discusses how to take inspired action.  Once we know what we want, then we must take action based on what our gut, soul or intuition is saying.  Donny Deutsch seems receptive and enthusiastic to hear Vitale’s insight.  The 5 minute interview is below.