Deepak Chopra debates Hannity and Colmes about how to react to evil

      Deepak Chopra recently appeared on the Fox New program, Hannity and Colmes, to talk about how to create peace in the world.  The conversation was respectful, but became contentious as Deepak debated Hannity about how to respond to violence and evil.  Hannity said that there is evil in this world that must be confronted.  Deepak seemed to respond by saying that evil is the result of the shadow in our collective consciousness and that we need to create conditions where people are not compelled to act out in violence.  He referenced Jesus’ statement about turning the other cheek as a response to violence and cited how Gandhi brought down the British Empire in India through non-violence. 

      Hannity was unconvinced and questioned Deepak about how to respond when you or your family is being physically attacked by someone.  Deepak answered by giving an example about how one time he was in an alley and four men with guns were about to attack him, but he was able to talk them out of it.  They continued to debate issues about evil, violence and peace in our world and how Jesus would respond.

      One fascinating aspect of this interview from a cultural perspective is that Hannity and Colmes is a mainstream news show on a major cable network that focuses on current events and significant issues of our time.  The fact that they would acknowledge that Jesus’ teachings as understood by Deepak Chopra is newsworthy suggests that mainstream media is taking the possibility of creating peace in our world more seriously. 


  1. The misrepresentation of Deepak’s comments continues. During last night’s program, Dec. 4th, Hannity referred to Deepak as “blaming America for the terrorist’s attack” in his conversdatio with another guest. I wish that Alan Colmes would have spoken up to clear up what Deepak really said. Their audience is left having a very inaccurate view of Deepak’s ideas.

    In reference to your comment above about having Deepak on their show, I know that co-host Alan Colmes is a fan of Deepak and that may be the reason he was a guest.

    If anyone hears about an attempt from Deepak to correct this misrepresentation, please let me know.

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