Ghost Whisperer on the afterlife

      The Ghost Whisperer is a drama-fantasy-thriller television show about a woman who can see and communicate with the dead.  Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Melinda, a woman who trys to help recently deceased spirits relay a message to a loved one or complete some task that will determine whether the spirit will go to Heaven or Hell. 

      This show is not for the spiritually timid and raises significant questions about the destiny of our soul.  For example, it asks us whether we may have unfinished business to complete after we die in order to get into a Heaven.  It does not shy away from dealing with darkness or hell, but does offer the possibility of experiencing peace in the afterlife even if we were not able to achieve it on earth.  It also suggests that the love and bond between two people never dies as many of the plots deal with a recently deceased person attempting to help their loved ones gain some degree of closure or peace of mind.

      The show premiered on CBS Sept. 23 2005 and is now in its fourth season.  It was developed and co-produced by spiritual medium James Van Praagh.  It airs Friday nights on CBS at 8/7c.  The opening is below.

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