Living Your Purpose: The Benefits of Missionary Work

Missionary work is one of the noblest jobs in the church, as you will be representing Jesus Christ.

So what do missionaries do? The job of a missionary is to go into different communities across the world to teach about the church, Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith.

While missionary work is often described as a sacrifice, it also comes with abundant benefits and blessings. However, these benefits are hard to quantify as they lean towards character development.

If you’re looking to become a missionary and serve the church, below are three significant benefits you should expect:

You Will Gain a New Family

One of the greatest and unexpected benefits of missionary work is the family you gain in the process. You will serve with new people, go through tough times together, celebrate your wins and learn together. This makes you a part of a bigger network than yourself, earning you a new family.

Sharing meals, praying, overcoming desert challenges, and sharing life on a deeper level fosters a deep friendship that will slowly turn into family. It will feel like you gained an extra family.

It Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Joining missionary sending organizations and doing missionary work together with your family is a unique incubator for a strong marriage.

When a husband and wife are placed in a situation where the responsibilities and challenges are beyond their comprehension, they have no choice but to depend on each other’s abilities and be vulnerable. You will quickly realize that you need God and each other to get through the hardships.

The theme of your marriage will change to grace as you carry each other through the hardships and challenges of living in a strange place. You become a source of refuge for your spouse and vice versa. You will talk more because you need to unwind and pray more because you have to.

Together, you will bear witness to God’s grace and miraculous provision and share unforgettable experiences. This will increase your trust in each other and strengthen your relationship.

Adapt to Living With Less Material Items

Missionaries have a new definition of needs and wants. When in a strange land doing missionary work, you will learn to live and function with less: less security, less electricity, comfort, personal space, and even less money. Living with less can be frustrating at first, but you will adapt to the environment quickly.

Learning to live with less will give you an uncomplicated and uncorrupted life. It grows into your personality, and you will have more patience, become resourceful, and be more content with what you have.

Are You Ready for Missionary Work?

Despite missionary work being quite challenging, it’s one of the most self-sacrificing jobs in the church. You will be tasked with spreading the gospel and teaching communities worldwide about Christianity.

Throughout the journey, you will come home with good and bad memories. However, one thing is for sure; missionary work also comes with many benefits. These benefits include improving your personality, strengthening your marriage, and gaining new friends and family.

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