Interview with Mark Ebinger, author of Connect

I recently interviewed Mark Ebinger, author of Connect: What everyone wants, what few of us find and the kicker is that it’s right there in front of you. Throughout our conversation Mark shared with me how to connect with ourself, others, and life (Nature/God). We also discussed why people become disconnected and how past trauma or anxiety about the future may inhibit our ability to be connected to the present moment.

Mark shared with me some personal examples from his life about times when he felt connected and disconnected, and how being authentic has helped him learn and grow. In one poignant example, he said that his niece told him, “I know I love uncle Mark, but I don’t really feel like I know him.” He said this helped him realize that he wanted to be more connected to himself and other people. For example, Mark said that after he wrote his book on connection, initially he was afraid to tell others he had gone through a divorce. However, eventually, Mark did decide to tell people he had gone through a divorce. He expressed that being authentic, having the courage to be vulnerable, and speak with truth has not only helped him be more connected to himself, but with other people. 

It was very refreshing and inspiring to hear Mark talk in such an honest and vulnerable way about his life. Many self-help and personal growth authors overly emphasize the positive nature of their lives, but Mark shared with me both his joys and struggles. Part of being connected with ourself is to acknowledge our humanity and sadness without over identifying with it. For example, we also discussed how Mark overcame a childhood wound and difficult relationship with his mother as well as how he was self-generating anxiety in his life. In another touching example, Mark said that his mother was often anxious and worried about him. He said that it really helped him when someone suggested the following about his mom’s worry: “I think she’s trying to contribute to your life and doesn’t know any other way.” He later shared that he told his mom that he knew she loved him and that changed not only his relationship with her, but helped him feel more connected to other people.

We also talked about the importance of being in the present moment. If we can learn to work through some of our past traumas and hurts and let go of some of our anxieties about the future so you become more connected to your self, others, and life (nature/God). Many people use words like “connection”, “authenticity” , and “being the present moment” as buzz words with no real substance. However, Mark’s book and our conversation will give you practical ways to apply these concepts to your life so you can have the courage to speak and live your truth, develop meaningful connections with other people in your life, and have a more real and tangible relationship with life in general. His authenticity, vulnerability, and honesty will inspire you to ask yourself: What do I want to create in my own life and then truly believe that you can create the life you want to live.


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