5 Ways To Distinguish Toxic Relationships From Healthy Ones

You cannot concentrate on your work when you have family problems in your mind. Living in a toxic relationship not only makes you frustrated, but it can lead you to some serious problems in the future. Especially, when you love that person and experience extreme bitterness from her. Are you really having a toxic relationship with your loved one? Or is it just a misunderstanding? You need to go for marital counseling before leaving your relationship because a qualified can identify the problems that arise between you and your loved ones. But you should not tolerate any physically and mentally abuse because abusing the partner physically is a criminal and you should take sufficient legal steps against your partner in this regard.

What is a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationship is an unhealthy bonding and you can find several problems in a toxic relationship. Somehow, such relationships get started with a sweet note but end with a bitter experience. In the case of a toxic relationship, you can find some physical, sexual and emotional abuses such as lying, cheating, gaslighting, distrust and dislike. Misunderstandings can happen in a healthy relationship, but you can resolve such issues through discussion. But you cannot resolve all existing problems in a toxic relationship because your partner will become more rigid and argumentative, and he or she will be unable to tolerate you more. Even you can also avail online counselling for your toxic relationship and professional counsellors can help you to remove all misunderstandings from your existing relationship.

5 Ways To Distinguish Toxic Relationships From Healthy Ones

  1. Emotional abuse: in a healthy relationship, you should support your partner and you should not tear down your loved one for every little thing. But in a toxic relationship, your partner always tries to put you down and give evidence that you are guilty. If you want to remove all harshness from your relationship, then you must talk with your partner without any fear or harassment. Emotional abuses can make your partner isolated. Lack of communication, humiliation, shaming, manipulation of words and jealousy are the main reasons fora toxic relationship. Emotional stress not only makes your relationship toxic, but your professional field also tends to get affected due to such emotional stress. In this case, you must avoid such emotional stress and leave your toxic relationship.
  2. Physical abuse: both of you are a human being and you should feel the pain of your partner. In a healthy relationship, there is no room for physical and sexual abuses. You may hurt your partner to prove your statement during an argument, but this is not the way to treat a human being. Your partner may use some weapons to hit you, kick you or choke you, and he can try to control you by showing his power and strength. This is a dangerous sign of nothing but the toxic relationship and physical abuse is a final call for you to leave the relationship. In a healthy relationship, your partner will always support you and he or she will feel the pain that you have. Your partner would not hurt you physically and it can happen only if she or he has psychological problems.
  3. Cheating your partner: cheating or lying in a relationship is very harmful and you cannot stay with a partner who constantly cheats you in a healthy relationship. You may think about your children and cannot leave out from your existing relationship. But mentally or physically cheating from your partner can make you lonely and isolated. In this regard, you need to talktoyour partner and try to resolve such matters. Apart from that, you can go for the proper counselling and your partner will confess his or her faults in front of a counsellor. Else, you can ask for a complete break your toxic relationship. Cheating in a healthy relationship can turn your dream into a scare, and you cannot tolerate such things from your partner.
  4. Gaslighting:  Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse that can destroy your healthy relationship. Your partner will try to cover up his or her wrongdoings by raising some question, and your partner will always try to make you fool. For example, if your partner is caught by the illicit messages on her mobile phone that proved her extramarital affair, then she might accuse you as a paranoid person. She will repeat her same statements again and again whenever you raise the same issue. Lying and manipulation in a relationship can increase your mental stress, and you should find away to leave out of your toxic relationship. In the case of a healthy relationship, both partners are committed and they never lie or manipulate their loved one.
  5. Dislike: sometimes after spending many years, partners might feel bored, and they can dislike or ignore each other. As results, they can use some abusing words and spread negativity in their home. But there are several reasons behind this problem and your partner might be frustrated with his or her stressful life. So you need to spend some time with your partner and try to understand his or her problems. Accusing or disliking is different from cheating, and you can easily remove such problems from your healthy relationship through proper counselling. At least you can plan a trip with your partner to resolve these problems. But if your partner has the negative feelings about you and constantly accuses you ofeverything, then you must know that it is the time to say the final goodbye.

If you are in a toxic relationship then you can talk to the counsellor and find out the reasons behind your toxic relationship. Isolation and loneliness are the main problems of a toxic relationship, and you can spend some time with your family and friends to overcome your mental stress. Your relationship started with a good note, but now you might feel isolated due to the negligence of your partner. You deserve to be happy and healthy, and you should get rid of your toxic relationship, especially if you cannot resolve the problems with the help of a professional counsellor.