Are We Living Life or Are We Living Our Mind?

By Swami Sukhabodhananda

In all spiritual enquiries, God should be the center of such spiritual enquiry. Further, how one uses one’s mind is an essential discipline, and inner feelings should be a part of such discipline. Without the proper use of mind, our life is in chaos. It is our maddening thoughts and feelings which make us seek a better quality of life. Hence, God becomes our focus. God is fullness. God is harmony. As death surrounds our lives, our mind is filled with madness of thoughts and feelings; sorrow and tension.

Is not our mind, just a flow of thought?

 Thoughts, most of the time, prevents you from experiencing the moment. Whenever there are thoughts, you are closed to this moment. Thought is an expression of memory and memory being the past, pulls you backward and not towards the present moment. Whereas life is in this moment, and one is meeting life with the past. This is one of the greatest errors in our living. Please observe this clearly. Thought has its place, and it is not only over used but also used wrongly. This over use and wrong use are the cause for inner chaos.

In life, you move either on dream path or dead / past path. The present moment of thought is insanity. One thought links with another thought, and that links to another thought. Despite such association, it madly searches for sanity.

What appears as thinking is nothing but an association of past thoughts, and foolish projections into the future with some hope of peace. In the process, you miss the dance of life which is in the present.

Life’s existence or the root is in the present, and you are flying with the thoughts of the past or imagining an illusory future. Present oriented consciousness and bliss are the same. Being unconscious of this fact is misery and hence unconsciousness and misery go together. So, one has to learn to look into present consciousness. Such looking is not through thought but silence, which is a state of no mind or a state of thought free awareness. So, transform the energy from thinking to present consciousness.

What happens when we get identified with thoughts?

We have built a prison around ourselves, and from which only we have to come out. I can only guide you. But you have to navigate your way out since you have created this inner prison. When we get identified with thoughts, we get identified with our past. We live our past. Most of us is living our minds. We are not living in the world, but we live our minds. When we get identified with thoughts, we are flowing with our beliefs. Thought is rooted in some belief, an idea, a dogma or a conclusion. All of them is riding on the common vehicle popularly known as desire. Please observe this clearly. Thought is another form of conclusions or another form of desire or idea. Now, what does desire do? It tells that the future will be your savior and when you get the object of desire, you will be happy. Thus, it fools you. One gets caught in this fooling. Mind or thought convinces you that future or getting the object of desire will make you fulfilled.

About Author: Swami Sukhabodhananda is the spiritual master and the founder of the charitable organization ‘Prasanna Trust’ in India. A best-selling author of over 1 million books, with more than 110 titles in different langauages, he has been a source of inspiration for many, such as Kargil hero Gen. V.P. Malik. Swamiji’s books, Oh, Mind Relax Please! and Oh, Life Relax Please are best sellers in India, with the Tamil, Kannada and Telugu versions of the book, Manase Relax Please, setting an all-time sales record. In fact, these versions have been included as a part of the curriculum in some schools and colleges.

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