6 Ways to Lead a More Spiritual Life

We often find it difficult to pair our spiritual thoughts and ideas with everyday life. The world moves so quickly, we’re busy, stressed out and always on the go. It can be difficult to show spirituality, or even feel spiritual, with so much going on. But, it can be easy to lead a more spiritual life, by just changing a few small things.


In our exceptionally fast paced world, it is more important than ever to simply stop. Appreciate everything around you, from smells, to sounds and tastes. Stop and take it all in. Take some time out to just be, and appreciate all that is around you.


Love isn’t just reserved for those you are close to. Allow yourself to love in a more general sense. Love everything and everyone around you. Show patience and kindness. It might change the world around you. It will certainly change how you feel. There is a sense of positivity which can only come from loving. Buddha recommended we love the whole world as a mother loves her child. Challenge yourself to do just that.

Explore Nature

Nature is a beautiful thing. It is so often forgotten, especially if you live and work in a busy city. But it is all around us. Get in touch with our natural earth. You might find it help puts everything else into perspective.

Control Your Inner Voice

Your thoughts, the things you say to yourself and think throughout the day, are a big part of who you are. How often are they negative? Try to be positive and see the good. Think about peaceful and calming things. Think positive thoughts about others. This will help lower your stress levels and help you to treat others with a greater kindness.

Deal with Your Problems

If you are struggling with any personal problems, deal with them. Don’t bottle things up, or try to ignore issues. This will lead to higher stress levels, negativity, and make it harder for you to love and appreciate the world. Consider speaking to a counselor or therapist if you find this helps. Remember, that while it is great to put others first, sometimes, to allow you to do this you need to take some time out to look after yourself and your own needs.

Have Faith

Spirituality isn’t the same as religion. It’s a belief in nothing in particular, just in something more. It doesn’t come from teachings or books. It comes from deep inside you. Trust this belief. Allow yourself to trust your instincts and believe in signs when they are offered.

If you are interested in exploring how your own spirituality could help others, have you considered a career in counseling? Your spirituality could be a great tool when it comes to building trust with clients and helping them become more aware of their own problems and lead a more positive and spiritual life themselves. If this is something you are interested in, consider an online counseling degree from Bradley University.

Let your spirituality guide you through your counseling degree online, and any future path you choose to take.