Wayne Dyer on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Wayne Dyer appeared on the Bonnie Hunt show this morning for the entire hour. What surprised me most about watching him on the show was how open he was with some very personal matters and how ‘human’/’normal’ he is. For example, he talked candidly about how he grew up in a foster home and how he forgave his father after years of hating him for walking out on him and his family. Wayne also went into detail about his divorce.

He spoke with compassion, humility and gratitude as he talked about his extremely difficult and personal ordeals; and explained he would not be the person he is today without going through these situations. He said that all of them helped him become a better man because he now has more compassion and can help other people learn about forgiveness.

Additionally, towards the end of the show, Dr. Dyer’s daughter came on stage. She talked about how she recently dropped out of law school and was initially worried about telling her dad. So, she sent him a text message telling him that she had dropped out of law school. Wayne told her that he completely supported her decision and encouraged her to follow her passion.

Wayne also revealed on the show that he now has been diagnosed with leukemia. He said that he was not going to let this diagnosis stress him out or cause him to worry. He appeared to be completely at peace with it and believed the experience would help him. His diagnosis is not slowing his career down. He is still speaking at conferences and is planning on writing another book, Wishes Fulfilled.


  1. rashad wrestling? looks like he’s trying to make a statement

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