Dalai Lama Renaissance movie review

Dalai Lama Renaissance (narrated by Harrison Ford) is a documentary that shows what transpired when The Dalai Lama invited 40 of the West’s leading, most innovative thinkers in their respective fields to his residence in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India to discuss the world’s problems and how we can solve them. The film, narrated by Harrison Ford, features quantum physicists Fred Alan Wolf and Amit Goswami, Dr. Michael Beckwith, revolutionary social scientist Jean Houston and others.

The film stands out because the thinkers, speakers and participants in the film often disagree with each other about how to solve today’s problems. And, when they present their solutions to The Dalai Lama, His Holiness offers his point of view, which differs from theirs.

These candid conversations with today’s leading thinkers and the Dalai Lama reveal that it is not always easy to apply compassion to complex global issues. For example, the participants suggested that one way to apply pressure on China for a free Tibet was an international boycott of Chinese goods. The Dalai Lama considered that possibility, but eventually disagreed with it because he cautioned that positive change meant not harming anyone, even the thousands of Chinese that may be affected by such an economic boycott.

However, ultimately the discussions did create profound transformations and progress. After five days of watching egos flare, conflict arise and strong disagreement about how to solve the world’s problems, the visionaries left inspired by the meeting and the presence of The Dalai Lama to generate positive changes within their own lives, families and communities.

Dalai Lama Renaissance is definitely worth watching if you want inspiration and practical guidance for making the world a better place and creating your own personal transformation. Simply by observing the peace and patience of The Dalai Lama as he responds to conflicting ideas about how to solve problems provides guidance for anyone who wants to make a real contribution to the complex issues we are all facing today.

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