The Re-Emergence of Mother God

By Tony Scazzero 

When someone hears about Mother God, they may ask, who is She, where has She been, or why haven’t I heard about Her? When I reflected about this, I started to realize there must have been reason (or a conspiracy) why few people had heard of Her. My indignation and curiosity got the best of me so I had to find out for myself. I did some research and compiled a trilogy about Her in my books: Who is Mother God, Our Mother and Father God, and the Return of Mother God.

Logic tells us that if there is a God the Father, there must be a God the Mother. However, there is much more to the Divine Mother than the logic of Her existence. There is actually huge, somewhat hidden, evidence of Her as the real live Creatrix or universal mother. In fact, there hasn’t been a human culture, until the modern era, that failed to recognize Her value and importance. Although constantly negated in Western religion, only She has the power to change today’s values including deeply held patriarchal attitudes and beliefs. In fact, the religious, social, and political implications of the resurrection of Mother God may have more significance than anything we can imagine. Coincidentally, the modern increased influence of women in all walks of life dovetails with the current re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.

The elephant in the room is, if our Father who art in heaven, then where is our Mother? Why has She been forgotten, hidden, or ignored? Or worse, has our abandonment of Her caused our global family to languish, thereby permitting the world’s problems to increase? Was Her reality suppressed on purpose or by mistake?  Any way you look at it, when we exclude the feminine side of God, not only do we become children of a single parent, but unfortunate things can happen. This estrangement from the feminine side of God, has led us to also lose contact with nature, each other, and ourselves. It has practically put us on a path toward extinction. Our technology with its pollution and unbalanced ecology has brought our planet face to face with its own mortality. The loss of the Divine Feminine has endangered the current world civilization and is reflected in the today’s materialistic emphasis on money and power. Yet, most of us have not figured out this underlying cause behind the troubles we’re facing.

Recent studies have shown that many early civilizations worshipped female deities. Even today, certain Eastern religions, with their goddesses, are dismissed as pagan or superstitious. However, according to mythology and a good deal of archeology, before there was a God, there was a Goddess. The Bible contains little or no information about the Divine Feminine, although it does say that the first man and woman were made in the image of God. Somehow, the Divine Feminine is still in our collective consciousness even though it was driven underground. Eliminating the femininity and promoting only the masculinity of God has done not only women but humanity as a whole a great disservice. Examining the documentary evidence proves undeniably that repression and mistreatment of women has been reinforced by the spiritual and political regimes of the past 2,000 years. In short, Mother God’s character has been written out of history. As a result, most people’s spiritual knowledge of Mother God’s love is limited. 

Acknowledging the feminine nature of God would naturally balance things out, giving women complementary and equal value with men. Not having God as our mother has negated the important positions of women in the home, the society, and the world. If the renewal of the Goddess in the godhead is so vital, why is it so difficult for religions and cultures to accept the presence of the Divine Feminine? Some people may think that God must be either male or female. But to embrace the Great Mother does not mean we turn our back on the Divine Father. They are two aspects of the same entity. Mother God represents divine femininity and is the role model for women while Father God represents divine masculinity and is the role model for men. The simple truth is that women can relate better to Mother God while men can relate better to Father God. 

Most people become upset and even angry when it’s suggested that the God they know as Lord and Father might also be called God the Mother. Yet a society that reveres the feminine creates beauty, love, and equality. More importantly, the return of Mother God is needed as conferring with Her will improve our thinking to better handle the challenges of life. The future prosperity of all countries would be ensured if men and women equally shared tasks working side by side. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that humanity will benefit from a kinder gender-balanced divinity. Since God is the male/female parent of all mankind, until the Divine Mother is welcome back into our hearts, humanity cannot fulfil their potential. Embracing Mother God brings the highest awareness with limitless nurturing.

At this moment, around the world, atrocities and suffering continue to affect innumerable people. Peace and goodwill on earth has been missing, in part, due to an ignorance of Mother God. She earnestly wants to reassure humanity to regain their trust and be loved by Her. Both men and women need and long for feminine approval and acceptance. Without Mother God, this is impossible. Until Mother God is welcomed back into the hearts of humanity, complete healing cannot take place. Humanity should be reminded about the presence of Mother God and allow Her to be a primal reality in their life.


Tony Scazzero lives in Maryland with his wife, 5 children, and 6 grandchildren. He started the and to improve the spirituality of the planet which can be a channel for solving the world’s problems. His goal is to figure out why things become dysfunctional and how we can create peace in ourselves and on the earth. He can be contacted at: .