Meditation and Crystal Poem

Meditation Poem
There are many different types of meditation
Mindfulness, Zazen or Loving Kindness they are all good for relaxation
Find a space where it is peaceful and quiet
It’s simple to do so everyone should try it
Take some deep breaths and close your eyes
Letting any thoughts you have just pass right by
Clear your mind and focus on your breathing
A calm and still mind is what your achieving
If your mind starts to wander just bring your awareness back
To your breathing which will keep you on the right track.
Crystal Poem
You can wear healing crystal jewelery or hold a tumblestone
There are even crystal sculptures that you can put around your home
Hold a crystal and feel their positive energy flow
Filling your body with high vibrations making your aura powerful and glow
If your looking for a crystal to help you connect with angels and spirit guides
You may want to look for a beautiful blue angelite
Using crystals during meditation can help the chakras open and enhance activation
Choose crystals that resonate with you
You might be drawn to one or maybe quite a few.