Did the Gods teach Astrology?

By Jill Mattson

Many disregard astrology as tabletop gossip or something akin to superstitious tarot cards. Yet the origins of astrology came from wise sages, Magis from ancient Sumeria – who professed this information came from the gods. (Were the “gods” an advanced preflood group of people?) 

In ancient times the stars were thought to affect us daily. The ancient Zoroastrians believed that the Earth, sun, and moon affect our astral bodies (feelings), while the planets affect our etheric bodies (health energy). The signs of the zodiac affect our physical bodies. This information comes from one of the earliest references to astrology.

The Magis from Sumeria calculated and predicted planetary and star movements. This information predicted influential energy coming from the heavens. Most importantly, ancient astrologers countered difficult forecasts with specially crafted music that balanced energy from time and the stars. This “Star Music” music balanced people to overcome challenges and difficulties in their lives. It must have been effective, as it was prized in ancient China, India, and Egypt for a very long time. But unfortunately, this ancient art has long been forgotten; hence astrology has fallen only to be a system that predicts the future and influential energies. 

The musical astrology practice assumes that frequencies come from the stars and influence humanity. Is there any truth to this? Are these ancient astrological teachings based on quantum energies that we are just beginning to understand via science? Or is astrology pure superstition?

In recent years modern technology shows that frequencies from the movements of planetary bodies do come to Earth. Nasa and companies with satellites confirm that influential waves (frequencies) come to Earth from movements (frequencies) of the heavenly bodies – planets and stars. 

N.A.S.A. releases recorded space sounds. So we can listen to these eerie sounds. Also, as detected by satellites, John and Christian Byrd from the Motorola Corporation published cycles of low-intensity frequencies coming from space. Although we can’t see or hear these frequencies, we can prove that the Earth is bathed in them daily. 

As we are unique beings, energy helps one person but does not support the next. For example, if someone had a cold and an octave of the frequency of zinc came to Earth from planetary movement, his cold improves. However, one who doesn’t need the frequency of zinc will not notice any difference. Since we have different responses to stellar frequencies we believe they don’t exist. 

William Chaplin, an astrophysicist at the University of Birmingham, UK, describes the sky as a celestial orchestra – the smallest stars are like the flutes, the medium stars link to the trombones, and the giants to the tuba section. Their waves are reflected in the subtle brightening and dimming of the stars. They are triggered by the turbulent rise and fall of hot gases on the star’s surface. These waves are like stellar tones. Scientists use these tones to determine the star’s size, composition, and mass.

Daily electromagnetic energy from the stars creates either challenging or supportive physical, emotional, and mental qualities. Some of this ever-changing energy improves our conditions, and some challenge us. 

According to Sharry Edwards, founder of BioAcoustics, these stellar frequencies trigger dissonance and lack of harmonic coherence in our bodies, emotions, and unconscious realms. As a result, they can make us sick. But, on the other hand, they can also create abundance, health, and other desirable things. 

Importantly, these stellar influences can be identified. We can measure levels of frequencies in our bodies. Any frequencies that are too predominant, can be lowered. Conversely, frequencies not strong enough in the body can strengthened. Unique sounds can provide a balance of frequencies in your body. In this state, your body naturally heals itself. Sharry Edwards does this today with BioAcoustics. This is also what the ancient mages and musicians did!

Michael Gauquelin found statically significant data connecting your astrology and type of profession taken up later in life. For example, physicians were often born when Mars or Saturn was high in the sky, but artistic professionals were not. Perhaps star energy at conception alters the selection of our genes, which influences our personalities. Is this why astrology seems accurate on at times? We know influential subtle energies come from the sky, but is there a system that we can use to predict and alter frequencies that challenge or harm us? 

As everything is energy, it has vibration and frequency at its core. For example, if one plays the frequency of niacin (a supplement that makes your face flush), the listener’s face flushes. Our bodies change from tangible things like food and frequencies that have the same frequencies as food. 

Ancient magi played music to give us needed frequencies and balance challenging energy coming from space.

Even challenging energy can be beneficial. Likewise, an athlete builds muscles by overcoming physical resistance with weights. Subtle star energy provides opportunities to grow on multiple levels. Similarly, mastering challenging astrology offers growth opportunities. This mastery was supported in times past with precise selections of music.

Jill Mattson created Zodiac and Planetary Music – that can be tailored just for your astrology and personal frequency imbalances. The frequencies in the music correspond to the ancient frequency assignments for the stars in the night sky and also to BioAcoustic Sharry Edwards research. 

Today, we have the technical means to measure the frequencies in our bodies and tune with the music reflecting the stars. Science claimes that we are star dust – made from stuff in the universe. This stuff is vibratory and is recognizable as music or sound. We can, like the ancient Mages  now use astrological music to support balance and harmony in every level of our lives!


Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!  She has also produced eleven musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a five – time author and has received dozens of awards for her book and books, including best music of the year and best book of the year. Jill was featured at many hundreds of teleseminars, and on over a thousand radios shows and magazines! She offers an online Sound Healing School Free music & School of Sound Healing at www.jillswingsoflight.com, Free music to boost your immune system: www.coronavirusdefence.org