Interview with Dr. Welsh on integrating psychology and spirituality and his career change from lawyer to psychologist

Are you looking for inspiration at the crossroads of spirituality and psychology? Click here to listen to an interview  with Marianne Pestana on on my career change from an unhappy lawyer to a happy clinical psychologist. Below is the a summary of the interview:
Dr. Matthew Welsh J.D., Ph.D. is the founder of Spiritual Media Blog. After graduating from law school Dr. Welsh created Spiritual Media Blog to be a source of inspirational content, media, and entertainment. He began his career in Hollywood working for an entertainment agency, the William Morris Agency, and then as a trial lawyer for the Department of Child Services in Indiana. He realized that he was not happy working as a lawyer. So, he quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his calling to become a psychologist and obtained his PhD in Psychology. He now works as a full-time clinical psychologist.
During the interview we discuss:
– Dr. Welsh’s career change from lawyer to psychologist
– Integrating psychology and spirituality
– Practical tools for managing anxiety
– Some of Dr. Welsh’s favorite guests on Spiritual Media Blog