Interview with Ann and Bill on using sound frequencies to connect with Divine Soul Energy

Ann and Bill are the co-founders of My Conscious Wellness and Love Evolution and Clearly Conscious. They are pioneers in the Canadian consciousness and alternative holistic wellness industry. Their organization and everything they do, including their relationship with each other, are driven by the expansion of conscious awareness through love.

As part of their offerings and initiatives they introduce and share the use of advanced consciousness-based technologies (divine sciences) to help balance and harmonize the subtle energy fields of the human form so that people get an opportunity to begin to more easily let go of emotions, mental and physical traumas, and experiences stored in the human energy field.

During our interview, we cover the following topics:

  • How to connect with the Divine energy of our soul
  • Common blocks people have to connect with the Divine energy
  • How they use technology and sound frequencies to help people connect with Divine energy
  • How Bill surrendered to the Divine to help his work reach others

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Click here for a sample of what frequencies based on the voice can do for you to help you settle the mind, balance your energy field, and feel calmer each and every day.