Interview with Joy Resor, author of Go In Joy! An Alphabetical Adventure

Joy Resor is the author of Go In Joy! An Alphabetical Adventure,
 Go In Joy! Venture to Your Center, and Designed to SHINE! Read Aloud
Rhymes for Any Size Heart.

I recently had the chance to talk to her about how she cultivates joy in her life, creativity, how she
surrendered her will to Divinity, her own kundalini spiritual
experience, and how she overcame a difficult childhood and divorce. For
 example, she poignantly shared that she had wounds from not belonging to her family, to groups, and herself that initially squashed her joy. She
 further explained,

“The turning point arrived when my husband of 27 years gave me news in
the fall of 2008 that sent our marriage careening to divorce.  As he spoke, I felt a dark force land in my gut, and I heard a voice tell me
to take in this darkness — that I would transmute it.”

She now says, “I’m excited to spread some of the overflowing joy I feel
these days!”

One of my big takeaways from our conversation is that joy is our natural state of being and we can experience joy by connecting to our
natural selves and Divinity. She also shared that she creates joy in her life by Hula Hooping after hours at the computer every day, setting boundaries with others, spending time alone with herself and God, practicing gratitude, and engaging in
spiritual practices.

She also talks about the creative process for making her books. Her books are beautifully illustrated with bright pastel colors and written
rhymes that sound like Dr. Seuss is speaking to your inner child to help
you have more fun, laughter, and joy.

Joy also offers conversation and spiritual mentoring with people to
help them deepen their spiritual practices and reconnect with their joy.
 She says, “In sacred space, I settle into deep Presence, listening
 beneath your words, gently guiding you to discover the peace and joy you’ve longed to possess.” Joy has offered to give a complimentary 30 
minute conversation with anyone reading this or watching this interview.

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