Insect Symbolism

Spiritual significance exists all around us. Whether it be in the in people or in nature, there are always symbols to be found. Even in earth lowliest creatures like insects, the can be important signs, waiting to be uncovered.

Symbolism of butterflies

Butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation. But this goes into deeper meaning depending on who you talk to. Most people who look closely at the life cycle of a butterfly will observe the transformation represents spiritual growth that relates directly to transcendence. While others believe the butterfly begins at one stage, only to put things aside to change differently and start a whole new direction in life.

A butterfly is indeed a symbol of happiness and feminine energy filled with grace and beauty, whereas some view a butterfly as a guide. Following the path of a butterfly through self-awareness and self-reflection is of course one method of who we can become. You might say that butterflies represent living lightly with finding everyday joy in life. Yet many believe the only way to be reborn is to shed your old self to become completely free.

Symbolism of ladybugs

Ladybugs represent a feeling of good luck and happiness. There are simply no bad feelings when any ladybug is seen or mentioned. But when it comes to a deeper meaning, spiritually- a ladybug means good luck and resolution to any conflict. The level of innocence that a ladybug carries is often linked to the purity of true love.

While some folks believe that a ladybug teaches us a metamorphosis of life by going beyond our illusions. For most of us, we feel this is learning the right path of choices in life and avoiding the pitfall that would otherwise be obvious. We learn to be humble at the sight of a ladybug since it has no hatred or malice toward others. And because it’s considered a symbol of beauty, it transcends levels of divine intervention and well-being.

Symbolism of moths

Moths are indeed the ultimate spiritual messengers of the insect world by being a sign of inner knowledge and guiding light. Information that was previously unknown to you is revealed rather than hidden away. This is also perceived by our senses as truth that we discover through being guided on a path away from any distracting light. These are often the directions in life that distract us from our true path.

We have always associated moths with the afterlife and fear that death is near, but these are dismissed because of their darkened wings and lacklustre appearance. Would it surprise you that a moth is actually a symbolic warning that forces are at work that can bring you distractions in your life? They can also let you know that their presence is reminding you that your presently poor situation is a new path to open the doorway to a better way of life.

Symbolism of snails

There is the old saying that snails represent the lack of activity from lazy people, but the sheer number of snail spiritual meaning is often lost. Snails also represent the value of patience and kindness, and with slow and steady well-meaning behind your intentions. The natural shell of the snail symbolizes our ability to protect ourselves from attack and provide mental shelter by the ill intent of cruel people.

In other words, it’s protection from the world when it comes time to retreat. Yet snails are incredible forces of nature when it comes to their physical strength. This is very symbolic since the inner strength of a snail to overcome any obstacle in life is only a matter of approaching an object head-on or around, or wherever the best choice may lead you. Symbolically we see snails as abundant wealth and stability because of its shell.

We see our home as the symbolic shelter that we spend an entire lifetime, yet just as snail shells were used as currency long ago, a home is also a reserve currency that we can always count on in times of hardship. We feel that a snail also represents extreme mobility to allow ourselves to go anywhere we wish, which for many people is true freedom.


We hope this has given you better clarification of what these insects mean in your life. Not every insect is considered creepy-crawly, since there are many more that have deep meaning that inner spirituality allows us to understand better.