Significance of a Guardian Angel in Hinduism

Hindus have a different outlook on angels. It differs from how angels are viewed in most of the other religions.

You may have believed that the ancient gods had reincarnated as angels who were giving you signs of safety and advice.

Your guru, a holy teacher, has transformed into an angel who helps to lead you.

Alternatively, your religious ordinaries or monks that you adore bring out the divinity within them.

Angels are regarded as Devas or Atmas in Hinduism.

It is said that there are over 33 minor gods who are turned into Devas or Atmas.

All of them were said to reside in one of 26 heavens, each one superior to the previous as witnessed by most of the Hindu scholars.

They have caring spirits which affect you and your work in a positive way.

As mentioned in verse 5 of Gita:

“A sacred essence leads to salvation.”

Here are a few Hinduism mysteries concerning guardian angels that will appeal to your interest.

Guardian Angel Discovered in Detailed Figures

Hinduism places a high value on numbers, believing that each digit contains a powerful sense and influence.

Let’s note, you see a 747 again and again.

It could be your late guru who visits you via 747, or you may just see the number in your daily life with no understanding.

The numbers that are seen constantly are Angel numbers, so 747 is your Angel number!

In Hinduism, angel number 747 depicts the union of birth and nourishment.

The number 7 is regarded as a mystical number in the world, not just in Hinduism.

It engulfs you in many aspects, such as the seven oceans, continents, the seven planes of the earth, the seven ancient Saptarishi sages.

And the list could go on and on.

Although figure 4, applies to safeguarding and loading holy bodies with spiritual and just rules.

When you see Angel number 747, it signifies that you must protect your heritage.

It may also refer to seven or fourteen (7×2) important jobs that your guardian angels are advising you to prioritize.

747 may also be a celestial angel’s prediction for your marital life.

It’s because you and your partner go through seven rounds of fire before entering into a matrimonial bond.

So your guardian angels have come to remind you to respect the vows that you and your partner made during the seven rounds.

Considering this aspect will minimize chances of avoiding conflicts between couples. 

Divine guidance is without a doubt the greatest of all!

A Structure May Possess a Guardian Angel

Anything that gives you a mystical vibe might contain an angel.

It may be your cat, an artwork, your career, your friends, teachers, or even nature that connects you to divinity and spirituality.

Hinduism is a faith that believes; whatever is beneficial must be praised.

But, be careful who you want as your guardian angel; not all that glitters are gold.

Lord Krishna has mentioned in Gita;

“The idiots ridicule me because they don’t understand my celestial natures as the supreme controller of living entities.”

Your devotion to Devas will aid you in obtaining a plethora of blessings that will satisfy the sacred nature both here and in the afterlife.

Meditation Leading to the Discovery of a Guardian Angel

Meditation is the easiest way to bond with your guardian angels.

What you need to do is to concentrate and find a quiet room where you can have a nice talk with your guardian angel.

Many monks advise focusing your gaze on the sun.

Before your shadow appears with massive wings, resembling your guardian angel, who always has your back.

Don’t damage your eyes in your quest for angels. It is better to be rational than motivational. 

You can also set up a dark room and surround yourself with candles in the hopes of seeing your guardian angel.

Don’t give up hope if you don’t see your angel right away; it might take some time for it to emerge before your eyes.

It should be remembered that angels do not possess physical bodies until and unless they are required to do so.

It will either show its voice or let you sense its energy around you.

Once you have a good meditation, you would experience a sense of peace and happiness in your heart.

It will raise you to a higher level and restore your body and mind even in extreme cases.

Angels are divine beings and will never hesitate to assist you, so pile up the problems for your guardian angels to fix.

Planets and their Guardian Angel

Finding your guardian angel is not difficult if you have a deep belief in astrology.

In astrology, the 12th house refers to planets indicated through Kaarakaamsa.

That is a horoscope sign, analyzed by the birth map.

It signifies the highest latitude of your planet and will link you to your guardian angel.

For example, if the Sun is your ruling planet, Lord Shiva would be your guardian angel.

In the case of the Moon, Goddess Shakti will be entrusted with the task of guiding humanity.

If your ruling planets are Mars and Mercury, then your guardian angel would be Lord Skanda and Lord Vishnu respectively.

For Jupiter, the duties are assigned to Lord Brahman whereas Lord Shaasta works for the ruling planet Saturn.

Deity forms are quickly delighted, and it brings good fortune to your spiritual journey.


Hinduism’s defying rituals, traditions, and amazing features deter you from touching its depth.

Hindu deities are invoked for countless blessings, allowing you to rise and flourish.

In Hinduism guardian, angels may manifest themselves in various ways, gestures, faces, that give you the power to align your life purpose.

If you’ve been badly wounded in life, prepare to heal your suffering and illness by locating your guardian angel.

Your Devas and Devis are always watching you!

They may find the deepest distractions, which you may not wish to share with others.

The enormous network of astral bodies will infuse you with constructive and divine energies, allowing every god’s conception to thrive.

So have you ever got a chance to meet your guardian angel?