3 Fascinating Funeral Customs from Around the World

When a loved one passes away, it’s always a tough time for their friends and family. And after the initial shock, someone within their close family will usually need to look after the funeral organization. But if you think that funeral ceremonies all look the same around the world, then you might need to think again.

In certain countries, burial rituals and funeral customs couldn’t be more different than what you expect and are used to. Are you interested in finding out more about this? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will give you a brief overview of three surprising and interesting funeral ceremonies that you have possibly never heard of before. Are you ready to have your mind completely blown (and change your idea of funerals, for good)? Read on.

1. Colorful Beads

This astonishing custom comes all the way from South Korea. One of the most widespread burial traditions is cremation, but in this corner of the world, you’ll witness something that goes a bit further than that.

The ashes of the deceased person are, in fact, turned into beads. These come in a wide range of beautiful shades, including pink, turquoise, and black. The beads can then be placed inside a glass vase or an urn to be used as a home ornament.

2. Hanging Coffins

In the Philippines, it’s customary to hang coffins along the sides of mountains in places that are almost impossible to reach. Why? It is believed that, by being so high up, the soul of the dead person would get closer to heaven.

As if this wasn’t unusual enough, people from this country also practice the so-called “Tinguian Funeral.” They dress up their deceased loved ones in their best garments, prop them up in a char, and give them something to smoke. The whole scene can last for weeks.

3. Jazz Parades

Where in the world would you be able to throw a jazz funeral without it being weird? In New Orleans, of course. The world capital of jazz music is used to hosting many jazz-themed funerals that turn its street into a real celebration of life over death.

If your loved one was passionate about music and you think that jazz, or music-based, the funeral would be a wonderful tribute, then get more info on the best hymns and songs to play.

Surprising Funeral Customs To Truly Celebrate the Value of Life

Around the world, different countries and cultures practice very different funeral customs for their dead loved ones.

From funeral beads in South Korea to hanging coffins in the Philippines and jazz street parties in New Orleans, it’s incredible to witness the sheer variety of celebrations of the life of a loved one.

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