Q&A with Raine Dalrymple, author of Sight Beyond Sight

1. What is Sight Beyond Sight about and why did you write it?

Sight Beyond Sight is an account of stories, with guided practical and spiritual tips on how to manage life experiences through the Eight Keys to Consciousness.  I wrote my encounters with angels and spirits to encourage others onto their own spiritual journey to enlarge their lives in a magnificent way.  These experiences show us just how much we are not alone and that our Divine God and the Universal Angels are with us always.

2. In the book, you talk about the importance of following our intuition. How can we know what our intuition is guiding us to do. And, how can we distinguish our intuition from our ego?

We are a spiritual being, living in the human experience.  Many believe that we are in the physical body first as we introduce spiritual life. However, this is an illusion.  We actually were a spiritual being prior to coming into the physical form.  As we come to this realization, we become awakened to spiritual energy within our own spirit.  As we allow this truth to stir us, our mind and emotion connects with our intuitive nature for guidance.  

Our ego often helps us to navigate our preferences and dislikes.  It drives us in our personality traits and assists us in decision making.  It is linked to willpower.  It can also contribute to an attitude of extremism, such as not relenting in an argument, when a calm approach would be more beneficial.  If we learn to tap into our intuitive nature, we develop a healthier perspective which steers us away from less favourable options.  It would be the equivalent of responding rather than reacting.  Our intuition knows.  It gives us warning signs and offers hope, which in turn creates possibility.     

 3. Why do you think our intuition guides us to circumstances in life that cause pain and suffering? For example, someone may be guided by their intuition to enter an abusive relationship or career that leads to failure.

We all have life lessons to learn and growth in our spiritual evolution to experience.  A lot of times we are functioning at a lower level of self-worth or belief mentality.  This is due to conditioning and life experience.  Pain challenges us, causing us to work towards better decisions and reroute our course.  It also develops our skills, our emotional growth and intellectual understanding.  We see our losses as failure because it is what the human condition is led to believe and our ego attaches to this belief.  If you look at wealthy and successful people for example, they do not stay attached to that belief, they charge forward instead and create new opportunity.  A woman in an abusive relationship chooses herself and leaves the situation and pursues a degree, dedicating her life to helping other women.  Often, our intuition guides us through the experience in order for our lives to reach self-actualization.  We also know that sometimes situations happen in our lives that come at us sideways.  Situations have the potential to turn out badly but in our faith and hope, we can take the next step by tapping into our intuition to guide us onto a better path.

4. On the other hand, our intuition can guide us to success and happiness. Do you have any personal examples of a time when you followed your intuition and it did not seem logical or rational, but ended up being the right decision. How about for any of the clients you work with or other people you know?

I’ve had many, many experiences that have happened my entire life, in which intuition guided me and actually saved my life.  The story I begin with in my book is an example of this.  The condensed version is that I hit black ice after an 8-hour drive.  I was 10 minutes from home.  In moments I had to make split second decisions, in which after pumping my brakes didn’t work in correcting the situation and I then slammed my brakes.  Rationally, they tell you not to slam your brakes but to pump them.  This sent me flying in another direction and into the ditch, just narrowly missing cars coming at me in both directions.  The important point here is that our guides and spirits supporting and helping us are a big part of decisions we make in our intuitive connection.  We are talking about The Divine and the assistance of the Universe.  My puppies and I were saved that day, so I’d say that was a happy outcome. 

I have a friend that had an experience whereby she didn’t want to go on a drive with her friend but something told her to go.  It was a deep feeling within her that prompted her to accept.  While traveling they encountered a swerving vehicle ahead of them.  My friend immediately told the driver to slow down and within moments afterward the car ahead of them lost control.  They had fortunately begun to pull over and just narrowly missed an accident.  She was grateful she had gone on the drive and to have been able to predict in a sense what she saw forthcoming.          

5. In your book you also talk about finding meaning and fulfillment. What advice would you have for someone who has a successful career, good family, and fun hobbies, but still feels like they lack meaning and fulfillment?

Drive is like a rudder that pushes us to succeed.  People can maintain this momentum, sometimes for a long time.  Yet there likely comes a time on their journey, where they connect with their emptiness and realize there is something missing.  This is the connection with higher self and the greater out there, that exists in the cosmos.  That is reality.  There are a lot of distractions in the world, so living with a Divine guidance system shows you the truth.  We realize we live in a 3D (Dimensional) reality but there is a deeper, more intimate reality that is crucial to our progressive evolution.  This is where our AWAKENING begins.

I had an experience one night, where I was among friends and we were swimming in the pool and enjoying our friendship together.  I went in to use the powder room and something just hit me like a ton of bricks.  I fell to my knees.  I began talking to God and said I know you’re there.  There’s got to be more than this to life.  And that is when the transformation really catapulted me forward.  Nothing felt meaningful without my connection to the Divine from that point on.  So we know deep within our spirit there is more than the tangible world we see before us and fulfillment includes encompassing all of it. 

6. You also talk about trauma. What advice would you have for how someone can heal from their trauma, especially if it is too painful to talk about or think about?

Trauma is something that involves our time and attention to.  The only way out of it, is through.  It is in our level of energy, that we can commit to subconscious recollection of the event or events and that we process our pain.  It is also an experience we move through in our lives, moment to moment and day by day.  We have to remember, that perception and the state of attitude is at the core of our interpretation and intention to heal or not to heal.  We can with intention heal our lives.  We re-experience it and bring in the practice of healing with tools and techniques to help us through it.  It is so important to allow for reflection which helps us to feel the trauma, make peace with it and move forward.   We have to be ready for change and be committed to it. 

When we are ready for more, better and progression, we will dip our toes in to the waters of healing.  Healing is a convoluted vortex that once we venture into it, it takes us places we never dreamed of.  It is why people hesitate.  We are treading in uncertainty.  Yet it is sometimes in uncertainty that we find the greatest gifts.

7. Anything else?

I think it’s important to look at the people that have influenced us.  There are often many.  When I look at my list of people that have encouraged me, it continues to grow because we are all teachers and students, helping one another to progress in this matrix of life evolution.  My computer teacher in University, my Grandmother, my mother and father, journalist Ann Landers, Tony Robbins, Joe Dispensa, my friends, children and clients, have all impacted me.  We are all inter-connected.  This is what we need to realize.  We have a voice in this world.  Be the change you wish to see!  Create a better you and a better world.