Q&A with musician Tabytha Polaris on her new album 7 Spheres of Light

1. Tell us about your new album, Find Your Higher Self with the 7 Spheres of Light Meditation Album. What was your inspiration and what is the music about?

7 Spheres of Light is a guided meditation album to balance the 7 main chakras, infused with high frequency music and healing instruments such as my Rav Vast Drum and Crystal Singing Bowls. The guided meditations take you through an audio or visual journey with music, stories, colors, environments and affirmations pertaining to each chakra. Each channeled meditation focuses on one chakra at a time, relaxing your physical body, balancing your emotions and raising the frequency of your energy centers.This passion project includes 7 songs, 7 animated companion videos, an instructional ebook and merchandise that features the project artwork.

Currently 7 Spheres of Light is available on my website as a digital product that you can stream in a private customer portal and instantly download to any device, or as a usb flash drive that would be mailed to you as a physical product. This album was divinely guided and I was inspired to release it before my original music. I was unaware of the reason why at the time, but I trusted my intuition. During the recording process the pandemic lockdowns began. This was when I realized this album would help others stay balanced and calm during this chaotic time. I am grateful for 7 Spheres of Light because it brought comfort to everyone who helped make this project possible and I am honored to share these musical healings with the world.

2. You talk about our Higher Self, what exactly is that? And, how can we connect to our Higher Self?

Your higher self is your eternal spirit. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Our energy body expands past our physical body connecting us to all dimensions, realities, timelines and all that is. Your higher self is your souls higher consciousness that exists in the purest frequencies of light and love. It is that spiritual part of you that contains mystical knowledge and the magic of the universe. Your higher self will attempt communication with you in many glorious ways through doorways to your current consciousness via imagination, meditation, dreams and prayer. If you are open and develop your intuition you will receive intuitive hits from your inner spirit. I like to ask for guidance during prayers and listen for the answers during meditation. We are all capable of developing a deeper relationship with our higher self. I believe our higher self helps us remember who we really are. The most beautiful part of life is the journey of self awareness and connecting with your true spiritual self.

3. How can we tell the difference between what our Higher Self wants versus what our ego wants?

This is an excellent question. Our higher self contains divine guidance with the purest of intentions. It’s in alignment with the energy that is for your greatest and highest good. Your higher self empowers you to create your own reality full of abundance, freedom and joy. The ego is a negative state of consciousness that is full of lack and fear. The most prominent energy of the ego is judgement, competition and negative internal dialogue. The ego complicates life and emphasizes your separation from the universe. When you are in alignment with the energies of your higher self you are happy and feel connected to the multiverse.

4. Can you talk about your own spiritual path? How did it begin and where did it take you? What were some obstacles that presented itself and how did you overcome them?

I was born a sensitive empathic child. In 2012 I had my first deep spiritual awakening. I became a Reiki Master Teacher and this experience raised my frequency, enhanced my intuition and expanded my consciousness. In 2018 I had what some refer to as a dark night of the soul. I experienced emotional trauma that manifested into physical pain. The universe put me in a forced time out and I was bed ridden for months. I had to leave a successful band I was performing in and send all my clients from my holistic practice to other healers. I had to do a lot of inner work and spiritual healing to overcome this obstacle. I listened to high frequency music and spiritual leaders. I asked for help during prayer and intuitively listened for guidance during meditation.

I realized emotional trauma can manifest into physical pain. I was aware I had a choice to remain stuck or fight to grow. I became enlightened to the power of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Mindset, meditation and prayer became the foundation to manifesting a new reality. This process made me stronger and prepared me to be the light worker I am today. When humanity was thrown into a spiritual ascension and experienced physical and emotional trauma during the year 2020, I was guided to use my musical gifts to shine light and provide healing to those suffering. I would visualize white healing light surrounding New York and the world. Quarantine provided extra time to create meditations and music. I was able to use my intuitive and musical gifts to contribute a positive force during a time when darkness and fear were coming to the surface for many.

5. What role does music play in your spirituality and spiritual path?

Music is and always has been a deep healing spiritual experience for me. Listening, performing and writing music has always brought me joy and comfort. I was deeply moved by the intricate choral harmonies and powerful chanting tones growing up as a choir member of the Orthodox Christian Church. I toured all over the east coast singing in the local Catholic Church youth group rock band. As a child I also experienced how performing in musical theater, jazz and even rock bands could lift the spirits of others. Post college I was mesmerized by the music of Deva Primal and eventually discovered meditation music, the solfeggio healing frequency tones and the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. The solfeggio frequencies make up the sacred ancient 6-tone scale that balances your energy and keeps your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. Dr. Masaru discovered that crystals formed in frozen water revealed changes when specific thoughts or words were directed at them. I realized by combining certain healing words and musical frequencies together I could create a very powerful healing experience. During this time I integrated sound healing such as tuning forks, healing drums and crystal ound bowls into my holistic health practice. Now that I have stepped into my role as a singing light warrior my intention is to create a sonic healing experience that we all can benefit from.

6. How can people become more creative and spontaneous if and when they are demanding jobs that require more analytical skills or are so busy?
The key to living your best life is to practice mindfulness. You can always schedule time to play if you have a demanding job but you can also tap into the divine power of your consciouness. First strive to be present in the moment. Do not worry about the future or dwell in the past. You can manifest and attract anything you desire into your life. Your thoughts and words matter so be mindful of the story you are telling yourself. If you say you are too busy to be creative then that’s what you will attract and experience. Simply change your words and thoughts and practice positive affirmations such as, “I attract spontaneous experiences with ease and grace.” “I have an important job and unlimited energy to accomplish my dreams.” “I have all the time I need to have fun and be creative.” When you create a habit of being aware of your perception of reality, it opens the door to creating a life full of joy and the magical possibilities of the universe.
7. Anything else?
You can follow my weekly podcast, The Tabytha Polaris Show, where I interview light workers and holistic healers who offer various insights to help expand consciousness and assist in spiritual ascension. Provocative topics are discussed in the metaphysical, spiritual and alternative health fields. A new episode is released every Tuesday and is available on all podcast platforms such as Spotify and Apply Podcasts. I often conclude the show with a channeled meditation prayer.

In 2021 I will be releasing more guided meditations for sleep, anxiety and physical pain, as well as two original songs about the healing powers of water and the kingdom of the trees. I am thrilled to finally launch my original music on Spotify and Apple Music this year. I express my spiritual ascension experience through inspirational lyrics and the music sounds like a unique blend of World, New Age, Folktronica and Alternative Rock genres. I am excited about this new musical contemporary sound that works to expand consciousness and entertain simultaneously. The adventures of my higher self will also be expressed in music videos and graphic novels. I am having so much fun creating these projects!

You can visit my website https://tabythapolaris.com to discover my channeled meditations and high frequency music. I invite you to be part of the community to receive early notifications for all future releases and the ability to vote on story lines, song titles and participate in the process. My mission is to expand consciousness, raise the frequency of the planet and fill all hearts with joy. I look forward to connecting with other like minded souls and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story.
I encourage everyone to have faith, stay positive and hold the vision in your heart for the outcome you desire for our planet during these challenging times. Follow your dreams and tune into your higher self to discover your true calling. You will find serenity in following anything that brings you joy. Have gratitude for every positive and negative experience in your life, have fun and trust your inner voice.