4 Novice Tarot Card Spreads That Help Answer Your Questions

No matter what you believe in, there are nuanced answers that aren’t readily available on the surface. This is when it comes time to tap into the X-Factors that spiritual awareness can bring.

People today are looking for ways to improve their spiritual lives because of the big impact that it has. One way to do this is by getting a tarot reading.

When it comes to tarot cards, there are some common spreads that you should know about. Also, before you start your reading make sure to learn how to cleanse your tarot cards. Keep reading to learn all about some tarot card spreads that can give you helpful answers.

1. A 7 Chakra Spread

Our body has spiritual energy centers that correspond with different elements of the universe. These energy centers, known as chakras, help us thrive and prosper whenever they are in balance.

When you get a tarot reading, a 7 chakra spread can be helpful at giving you insight on how to balance them. Many people that get these readings arrange seven cards along the areas of their chakras to learn more about what kinds of blockages they have.

From here, you can then take steps that open all of your chakras so that you can have a spiritual alignment that will push you in the right direction in your life.

2. A Spread That Forecasts Your Year

New Year’s resolutions are popular for a reason. There’s something about a fresh start that makes people feel capable and empowered.

When you get a tarot spread that forecasts the year, it will help you to navigate business, love, your personal life, and so many other areas. These spreads are broken down into 12 cards, one for each month.

Getting these spreads are excellent for helping you map out your year and make the decisions that will propel you to the next level.

3. A Spread That Helps You Find Love

Who doesn’t want to find love and romance in their lives? When you get love-based spreads, it will teach you how to that special person in your life.

If you get one of these readings, it can help you put advice to use that will help you not only find love but show up as the best partner you can be. These are usually done in three-card spreads that explain where you are, information about the love of your life, and information about the two of you together.

4. A Spread That Helps You Find Guidance

You can also get tarot spreads that give you general guidance into your life. There’s never a time that you will stop learning, so checking in for guidance in the form of a reading is one of the best things that you can do.

These guidance spreads come in a lot of different forms. For instance, the yes or no tarot spread or a detailed lotus tarot yes no is a popular option.

Learn All About Tarot Card Spreads

These tarot card spreads will help you when you are looking for guidance and answers in your life. Start looking for an expert that can help you with whatever kind of reading you need.

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