5 Ways to Bring Positive Change to the World



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As we are doing out best to deal with the pandemic, all the while still struggling with a slew of other global issues, from climate change to hunger, most of us feel overwhelmed by all the negative things happening to the world. We might even feel powerless against so many negative events, so we try to preserve our energy and move forward. However, even in these extraordinary circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis, your efforts and the smallest of actions can make a difference in your own life, as well as the lives of others.

When you’re not certain what to do or what you can do to help people in your community, or simply to bring some positive energy into the world, use the suggestions below. These simple, but powerful choices can help enrich your own existence and serve as a way to bring positive change to this world of ours, especially now, when we need it most.

Donate your time and possessions


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Do you have any clothes you’re not using, or blankets, bed covers, seasonal garments such as gloves and hats? What about old books, shoes, or even your freshly-made cookies? Giving should be a state of mind, and if you’re able to help your community with these little acts of kindness, you can change someone’s life. 

In addition to things, you can donate your time by volunteering in a soup kitchen, read to the elderly or kids, or simply ask your neighbors if they need any help. Perhaps you can trim their grass and shrubbery, bring them something to eat, or ask about their day. Sometimes the simplest of actions can make the greatest difference. 

Teach people in your community