5 Ways to Bring Positive Change to the World

As we are doing out best to deal with the pandemic, all the while still struggling with a slew of other global issues, from climate change to hunger, most of us feel overwhelmed by all the negative things happening to the world. We might even feel powerless against so many negative events, so we try to preserve our energy and move forward. However, even in these extraordinary circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis, your efforts and the smallest of actions can make a difference in your own life, as well as the lives of others.

When you’re not certain what to do or what you can do to help people in your community, or simply to bring some positive energy into the world, use the suggestions below. These simple, but powerful choices can help enrich your own existence and serve as a way to bring positive change to this world of ours, especially now, when we need it most.

Donate your time and possessions

Do you have any clothes you’re not using, or blankets, bed covers, seasonal garments such as gloves and hats? What about old books, shoes, or even your freshly-made cookies? Giving should be a state of mind, and if you’re able to help your community with these little acts of kindness, you can change someone’s life. 

In addition to things, you can donate your time by volunteering in a soup kitchen, read to the elderly or kids, or simply ask your neighbors if they need any help. Perhaps you can trim their grass and shrubbery, bring them something to eat, or ask about their day. Sometimes the simplest of actions can make the greatest difference. 

Teach people in your community

Most of us have some skills that we can pass on to others, and hopefully, they’ll be able to earn a decent living with the help of these new skills and advance professionally as well as personally. Whether you’re a language teacher by trade, or you know how to fix things, sew, dance, you can organize online and in-person classes for your locals. 

Knowledge is often the most prized possession we can have, so enriching the lives of those around you with new skills is the easiest way to help them grow. Even if it’s something as simple as teaching your neighbor’s kids to ride a bike, or a few self-defense moves, or organizing a yoga seminar – it can make someone’s day and make them feel empowered.

Build a career in healthcare

Now that we know what it means for our health to be in danger, as it is during the pandemic, we value our wellbeing more than ever. The medical experts and the forefront of the battle against this health crisis are the greatest assets we have. Certain skills such as advanced cardiac life support methods (ACLS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS) are always necessary for a community to thrive.

If you’d like to contribute by joining the medical ranks, you can get your ACLS and PALS training online and work in healthcare, as your primary way to heal and make the world a better place. Online certification allows you to avoid waiting for the pandemic to end, so that you can put your skills to use while they are most essential. 

Plant a garden 

Gardening is one of the most soothing activities you can enjoy that will bring relaxation and peace to your life, but that will also help create an inviting environment for various planet-healing insects. Depending on where you live and what kind of native plants you can add to your lovely garden, you will enjoy the process itself, but you will also clean the air with more greenery.

The garden you create will also become a microcosm of nutrition to the soil and the birds and insects in your region. While some corporations might be ruining their natural habitat, your small contribution will be a significant way to give a safe haven to those creatures, and thus protect the ecosystem of your area. 

Work on your own energy 

In addition to all of the listed contributions you can make, sometimes the greatest change you can bring comes from you, and you alone. By spending time on self-care through meditation, by refreshing your own energy sources, you become a better companion, a compassionate friend, a better listener, and a positive presence in everyone’s lives.

When you balance your own energy and eliminate tension and negativity from within, you actively help all of your loved ones and nourish them through that positivity that you radiate. This, like so many other choices, is a long-term investment that will help you go through life with a more resilient spirit and a quieter mind. 

From giving to those in need, spending time volunteering, all the way to sharing your living space with other loving creatures, you can contribute to kindness and positivity one step at a time. All of these decisions that you make in favor of giving and adding meaning to your own life will help you give yourself a purpose, and they’ll allow you to make the world a much better place. Take your time to explore your options, think outside the proverbial box, and find new, creative ways to bring joy to the world.