Things You Need to Throw Away to Accept Abundance in Your Life

Abundance is all in your mind. It is the thoughts that you dwell on that make your reality. This means to say that if you dwell on positive thoughts, you will have positive results in your life. If, however, you continue dwelling on the negative, it is as if you are praying for bad luck.

The prayer for abundance teaches people to claim all the good things that are already theirs. It is like manifesting your essence and allowing the world to make your positive thoughts a reality. The said prayer says that if you continuously pray for wealth in all aspects of your life, you will have no room for negativity and ill feelings. For you to fully benefit from this prayer, there are some things that you have to get rid of. 


Negative thoughts will only breed negative outcomes. The reason why people find it hard to be abundant is because of their mindset. They think that they are not worthy. They also think that money is the root of all evil and that it is hard to find. Because of these belief systems, even if they pray for abundance, they end up doubting that it will ever come to them. It is like praying for rain and thinking that it is impossible to rain in the middle of the hot weather. You are simply contradicting yourself. 

To open the floodgates of blessings, you need to empty your mind and life of negative thoughts. If you are filled with hate and thoughts of bad luck, there will never be enough room for love and great fortune in your life. So, for your sake, get rid of all these negativities and prepare for living a life in abundance.


If you are still living in the victim mindset, you will never own up to your past mistakes and life choices. You will always end up blaming and resenting others for what happened in your life. You may have been an abandoned child, and you wonder why you still have issues with your husband or kids, even if you now have a loving family. And even if you already have a good-paying job, you are never happy or fulfilled. You still struggle with your life.

You see, resentment is keeping you from embracing the wealthy and abundant life you are designed to live. Every day of your life, you allow thoughts and feelings of hate to rule you. You blame your parents for abandoning you and leaving you to work hard to have the life you are living now. You hate your kids for having it easy when you used to fight so hard for whatever life hands you. 

The prayer for abundance calls you to let go of resentment and open your mind to a brighter, more prosperous life ahead. When you start to let go of this feeling and start thinking about love, acceptance, and forgiveness, everything around you will start to feel better and brighter. Fortune and abundance will be easy to attract by then. 


Another thing that you have to let go of are your ‘what ifs’ in life. If you continue to think of this, you are only living in the past. And you know what happens if you get stuck in the past. It would be hard to progress and move forward in life. So, if you want to attract abundance in all aspects of your life, you need to accept what has been and work your way to a better future. With the prayer for abundance, you can achieve greater things in the future that will make your life more prosperous. 

These may be simple things to name, but you might need some time to let go of them finally. But the moment that you do, you have to brace yourself for a wealthier, happier, and bountiful life ahead.