10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Are you going through a change?

Today I am going to talk about the 10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening. You might be on the peak of a spiritual awakening. But you may be unaware of this mountain turning change in you. But not to worry because today I am going to enlighten you on this subject. Every nock, every crook of spirituality and the signs of spiritual awakening.

What is awakening actually?

Awakening is a phenomena explained by all belief systems. Every religion gives an idea of spirituality in a different way. Or rather I must say every religion has its own version of spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is like a Wi-Fi connection. It does not provide internet to your devices. 

But it sort of connects you to yourself and with all of life on earth. It indulges you in things you didn’t care for previously. Things like rustling of the leaves. Your daily patterns. Self exploration. In short all the beauty there is, you finally get to feel and see it. And also appreciate it with time. We will explore soon enough the Signs of Spiritual Awakening.

Where is it found?

This word is found in Greek myths, in Roman histories, in urban dictionaries etc. It is everywhere and the pun is that it is nowhere. It is metaphysical as a phenomena. We cannot touch, taste, smell, see or hear it. But the good sense is a believer. The good sense itself is a proof of its existence. So now you must be convinced of the presence of that thing you feel inside you. 

“The Thing That I Don’t Name and I Don’t Know”.

Its real; it’s there. 

It’s true. 

Man oh man oh man!

What will you realize?

Once you have gone through all this article, you will be able to know the signs. You will be able to recognize the Signs of Spiritual Awakening. You can even determine the stage of your spiritual awakening. These are the Spiritual tactics that make you relish every moment. It increases your efficiency. It brings a huge change in you.

The Signs of Spiritual Awakening:

Enough talking “about” the phenomena. Let us get “into” the phenomena. Let us talk about the 10 common Signs of Spiritual Awakening. The signs that you might have ignored till today. Let’s get into it:

  1. Observing yourself and your daily patterns: The top of the list of Signs of Spiritual Awakening is noticing. That awakening is nothing but self exploration, to put it as blunt as possible. You need to notice yourself. You need to question yourself. During our busy lives, we just put our lives on autopilot. And do not give a thought to ourselves. This is wrong, you must witness yourself.
  2. Making and feeling a connection: Another Signs of Spiritual Awakening is that you must connect to your surroundings. Not because you need to but because you have to. This can include social work, volunteering, taking interest in your community or your neighbors. Trying someone else’s interpretation or perception that you previously rejected. Taking interest in all the diverse variety of animals on this planet. Caring about the earth you live on. If you are doing this, then you are on the road of Spiritual Awakening.
  3. Letting go of worldly strings attached: Maybe you know not but you have some strings attached to you. We call these “Attachments”. Attachments mean the way you define yourself. You may define yourself by the car you drive or the dress you wear or the house you live in. But you need to let it go and think about the true you. Your beliefs, your pulse etc. If you already have let go of it. This is a Sign of Spiritual Awakening.
  4. Finding peace inside you: Find your inner peace. Be satisfied. Be happy and thankful. I am not saying this is going to solve all your issues. Or that nothing will ever go wrong with you. It means that if things don’t go your way you will handle it pretty well. And won’t be on an emotional roller coaster ride of frustration, depression etc.
  5. An increase in your intuition: Have you ever thought before meeting someone that you know him? Have you ever knew it’s your mum on the call without looking? Have you ever known that your kid is hurt without his telling you? If it has happened to you, it is a Sign of Spiritual Awakening.
  6. Synchronizing: They say “if you desire something truly, all the world conspires to make it happen for you”.  If you keep on seeing the same thing or word over an over with minimum gaps it is a sign of spiritual awakening. Some people might just ignore it as a mere coincidence. But there are others who believe that the world is guiding them.
  7. Being compassionate: Empathy is an ability to feel what another person is feeling. But empathy is born because of compassion.  People who are actually spiritually awakening are masters to both these qualities. And if you have been able to feel the same lately it is indeed a Sign of Spiritual Awakening.
  8. Letting go of fear of death: Death is the name of a fear, a cunning fear. If somehow you are able to overcome your fear of death. Then it means that you will overcome all your fears bit by bit. Letting go of the fear of death is one of the Signs of Spiritual Awakening.
  9. Being authentic: When you start to be confident enough to be yourself. And stop trying to be someone you are not. It is a Sign of Spiritual Awakening. It means that you are confident enough to show the world who you truly are. You realize self-worth. And once you do so, you don’t try to confine yourself to the shackles of culture, norms etc.
  10. Flourishing: Flourishing has a lot of interpretation. But in spirituality actually it refers to a balance. A balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body. The ones who are truly going through Spiritual Awakening are as sound in the mind as they are healthy in their bodies. They are happy as well as healthy. And if you are too, it is one of the Signs of Spiritual Awakening.

These were my 10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening. Watch out for them and notice yourself. I think now you can name the signs and even the stage of spiritual awakening. It will help you to listen to yourself. It will surely help you out in your lives. Take care. Adios!