How to Stay Inspired And Well Motivated During Quarantine

If someone had predicted earlier that we would be spending a large part of the first half of the year under lockdown and quarantined in our homes, we probably would have argued it, but here we are. In just a matter of weeks, it felt like we are living in a different world from ours – and we sure are. It is a new experience for many people, and they are just trying to survive. Whatever it feels like, we are all going to make it through this period together and more reliable for it. 

One of the apparent problems with being locked down at home for months is the loss of enthusiasm for many activities that were a part of our regular lives. Workers, tired from being at home for months, might lose their passion for work. People that are able to work from home might also not be as active as they should be. The truth is, even a veteran remote worker will lose some steam. Being at home all day for months without the chance to go out, catch fun, and reduce some work tension will take its toll on the motivation and productivity of remote workers. 

However, it is possible to keep that motivation and productivity throughout the lockdown. If you’ve started to lose some of your motivation, here are some tips from college papers to help you stay inspired and motivated throughout the quarantine period. 

Ways to maintain your motivation in lockdown

  1. Change your daily routine

We all have routines that we do daily that have become a part of our lives. One of the problems of being locked down at home is that it can affect these routines in two ways. It’s either you are unable to follow your routine or feel incomplete because you are limited to your house space (depending on what these routines are). You can also have too much time to do this repeatedly until it gets stale. Well, it’s time to motivate yourself and get creative with your daily routine. The first thing you can try is to reorder the way you carry out these daily tasks. It can make it more exciting and rewarding if you break up your routine’s monotony. 

If you have to, set some reminders, also take advantage of the time in your hands to take some break. You don’t want to wear yourself out. And once you are done with your routine for the day, log out completely. Have a change of scenery if you possibly can. 

  1. Grab ahold of your finances

You are probably one of the millions of people that are feeling some anxiety about their finances. The markets are unstable, and unpredictable and more people are starting to file for unemployment. Even if you are one of those few that still get a steady paycheck through the lockdown, it’s understandable if you are still insecure. Being sure of your financial stability and future empowers you and pushes you to reach your goal and ensure that you work with a clear head.

You are probably not spending as much as you usually do. You should think of those things that you are currently living comfortably without and consider taking them from your expenses permanently. Set up yourself to come out of this lockdown in a robust financial position. Work with a budget and manage your finances better. 

  1. Enhance your education

One of the surest ways to keep your motivation is to invest this time in self-development. You can take advantage of this period to enroll for some career-defining courses and also get new certifications. The will to go through with the trail will keep you motivated. Learn new skills, as well. Doing these will help you maintain your passion for your job, but much more, it will make you a better person and professional than you are before the lockdown. 

The internet is littered with online training courses that you need. If you don’t have the budget for formal learning, then learn informally. Research topics for yourself, learn more. All that you need is on the web. 

If you take your time to learn a new skill, it can fill you with a lot of confidence in yourself, and that’s apart from engaging your mind and filling it with relevant information. You can take this time to improve yourself and put yourself in a better position to get that promotion or a new job after the lockdown. 

  1. Organize your life

There’s no better way to discourage yourself than looking through the pieces of your life and seeing how everything is in disarray. This might not entirely be your fault, you were probably caught up with other things, and you got left out on some things. Now that you have the time in your hands, use it to put things back in order. 

There’s no better way to encourage and motivate yourself than to see that everything is in order. If the problem here is the arrangement of your house, take your time to rearrange everything. It would be best if you did a cleanout. Try to be as minimal as possible. Dump items that are no longer in use or find a more suitable place to keep them. You really shouldn’t come out of the quarantine with excess junk in your house. 

If the problem for you is keeping up with friends and family, well, you have the time now to catch up before you get caught up again after normalcy returns. Whatever it is for you that you think is out of place, this is the time to make it right. Organizing your life and home in this manner helps you to stay inspired. 


The quarantine situation is not the ideal situation for us, but we can definitely make the most use of it. Having fun and enjoying the company of family is an important part, as is catching up with friends and colleagues. But at the same time, improving yourself and putting things in order helps you to stay focused. 

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