7 Amazing Ways To Grow Your Personality

A good personality reflects character and behavior. It makes someone likable and an honor to be with. Good looks may be an asset, but a good persona overrides external beauty across many streams, be it social life, education, arts, and politics. Success and happiness come about when good interactions occur. A good personality acts like a magnet, drawing people. And, it doesn’t need you to be flashy and loud; shyness and restraint are powerful character traits.

Growing age may influence human qualities, but real-life exposure to things has an impact on personality development. Let us know the possible ways and situations that contribute to shaping positive behavior and disposition.

  1. Be a Good Listener

Talking is a natural habit that comes to most of us. Few realize the power of listening and the difference it can create in personal life and business situations. The best men are not born with an active tongue, but with a hearing ear. The noise of a happy soul or a strained relationship does not need ears. It requires observation, listening, heart, and concerned eyes.

To be an active listener, use nonverbal cues that show understanding. It could be maintaining eye contact, nodding, and leaning forward. Verbal pronouncements like “I understand,” “I see,” “Thank you” show concern. Active listeners avoid interrupting the conversation. They like to repeat what they have heard. They also notice body language to reach an extra level of understanding in the conversation. Meet a person in the eyes too, don’t limit it to a handshake. Little measures like these grooms your personality.

  1. Develop Curiosities

It is easy to become an exciting person to know, provided you have shown interest in understanding the things around you. The more you catch up on reading, the more chances of increasing your knowledge and depth of things. After all, who will object to know a person of wit, intellect, and know-how?

Meeting people is a fantastic way of learning and exchanging views and opinions and expanding knowledge in current affairs, literature, music, and sports. It is good for mental health and keeps the mind fresh, active, and responsive in creating new areas of interest. Hunger for novelty helps us stay curious. It adds to the confidence and makes one think outside the box.   

  1. Reduce Stress and Insomnia

Cannabis helps evolve you as a better person by helping you get out of the mental instabilities. The right dosage of marijuana seeds help with insomnia, and reducing stress. Users of cannabis claim that it has the potential to boost their creativity.

A research study published in Psychopharmacology in October 2014 advocates that cannabis consumption may improve creative functioning. Fifty-three volunteers were put into three groups to complete two mind-engaging tasks on creative thinking and convergent thinking. The first group was put on a placebo, the second group got 5.5 mg THC dose, and the third group got 22 mg of THC. Volunteers who took 5.5 mg of weed scored the most in the exam. It proved that a small amount of cannabis intake is adequate to see positive results in creativity.  

  1. Become Better Communicators

Knowing your areas of interest makes you well-versed in them. It helps you in striking a good conversation with people you meet at business dos and informal parties. Intense reading gives you get a cutting edge over others in knowledge and wisdom. It shapes your personality to the tag of being a wise and informed person. 

The art of conversation is a skill that involves creativity and nuances. Be a good communicator and convey ideas and information. Enjoy social interactions and friendly debates. It is a give-and-take. So, do your best to smile and focus, maintain good eye contact, and keep an open mind.

  1. Make New Links and Connections

Striking rapport is a promising benefit one gets by meeting new people. Social networking also helps increase bonding with others and develop leadership skills. Maintaining interpersonal skills are a must for a successful life. It broadens horizons and increases adaptability to new situations and circumstances.

While making new friends, stick to your identity. Views and judgments come up in meetings and get-togethers. But it is essential to hold on to your own.

  1. Build a Positive Outlook

Negativities are a devil that pulls one back. Life is a package of ups and downs. Instead of putting up an unenthusiastic spirit, grow in adverse situations. Show the world your optimistic side. It will take you to the spotlight and applause.   

Believe in yourself, aim for persistence, look for inspiration and support. Read about the success stories of others and see how you can emulate the same in your life.    

  1. Be Jolly and Humorous

Sulking is not going to get you anywhere. And, it attracts fewer companions in a journey called life. Laugh more at home, at work, with the boss, as the situation demands. It increases the blood supply to the body organs and keeps one in a good mood.

Shop for quirky things such as coffee mugs, clocks, apparels, and instruments for comic relief. It will attract more people towards you and help them count on you in stressful situations.


As a learned breed, we humans can do much more in life with plenty of means at our disposal. We have to treat things positively and with an open mind to evolve as an understanding, flexible, and social being.

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