Q&A with Keith Anthony Blanchard, author of Homecoming: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul

1. What is Homecoming: Crossing the Bridge to the Soul about and why did  you write it?

       HOMECOMING: Crossing the Bridge To the Soul is a review of my spiritual life, its unfoldment and expansion into the Playground of the Divine. I fashioned this book (by suggestion of Gavin L. Davies) from two of my previous books • _The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth (bestseller) and For the Love of God: A Spiritual Journey. _ The Divine Principle is a written word of an 8-year period with God, Who came to me one morning, waking me up both physically and spiritually. In June of 1996, the Voice said to me, “Keith, it is time for you to wake up, for we have much work to do!” From that point I began to fall into meditation for 6 to 9 hours every day, transcribing all that was coming into my consciousness. I would ask questions of the Presence and would receive answers (some immediately and others, not so immediate) about the welfare of humanity, how to become a balanced race and what is to be expected to arrive in our future. Hello, 2020!

        For the Love of God is a book about my time in India with a Holy Man who came to me in a dream inviting me to His ashram. In the dream sequence I told Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, “I would love to come to You, but how will I get there? Where will I get the money? … this, that and the other.” “I got you covered. Just come to India and be with Me.” He said. The next morning as I replayed the experience with Baba over and over in my mind, I decided to let go and trust that it will all fall into place. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from a lady I never met. “Hi, Keith. My name is Debbie Jabbour. I heard you are wanting to go to India.” she said. “Yes, Mam, this is true.” I replied. “Keith, I am a flight attendant, and word got to me through a mutual friend that a Divine Love of yours is calling you. I have some companion passes for the year that are about to expire, and I would not like that to happen without offering you a first-class, roundtrip ticket to be with something so precious to you.” I hit the floor on my humbled knees and cried for hours!

In essence, HOMECOMING: Crossing the Bridge To the Soul is the Divine Child of these two glorious, graceful experiences of my life.  HOMECOMING reveals my play with Divinity and exemplifies how anyone can have anything using 4 keys that will open all doors: Passion,Sincerity, Humility and Vulnerability. Not only can anyone have everything they can imagine, but even that which many cannot imagine — a Conscious Marriage with the Soul, allowing one to play in the Garden of Forever.

2. You talk about creating a union with your Sacred Self, how can we do that in a life when we get so busy with work, relationships, and our to-do list, let alone a constant barrage of news about negative events (e.g., pandemic, racial injustice, economic fears, etc…)

Great Question!

It basically comes down to what one wants in this dream we call life. I chose and still choose to be conscious of THAT which matters most. As we look out into the world and interact with it, things can become squirrely really quick if we are not aware of what is actually happening and WHO is behind it all! People are so used to living in the world of the external that, those Souls inside of those bodieshave forgotten not only the Truth, but where to look for that Truth. This way of living will pull one into the abyss of self-delusion with no way out!

From Homecoming:

SPIRIT: Throughout the universe, humans are famous for being impervious to My Love and Will. From the toughness of your skin, to the hardness of your hearts; from hiding behind false ideas generated by fear, to your lack of perception brought about by ignorance, you are regarded as comfortably numb to the calamities you have created.

ME: “I’ve got to agree with You. I think a lot of what’s happening in the world is because we’re so arrogant. And I think
that we don’t want to admit to ourselves that we really don’t know as much about God as we think we do.”

Good observation. And that brings Me to some important questions for everyone: Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of your ignorance? Are you ready to face the global catastrophes that can happen if the majority does nothing? Or are you ready and willing to get to know God and to learn and abide by the spiritual laws that, make no mistake about it, are very much in force?
People should not think that they must stop doing anything for themselves in order to do what they can to better the world. But they must understand that if they choose not to become involved with healing both themselves and the planet, the lives they are living will take a back seat to what will be happening around them.

Family and Relationships:

This Garden must always/all ways be tended to lovingly. All members should remove any ego-weeds that may still be trying to stifle the growth of the unit/unity. Everyone in the family should consider and learn how to till the fertile ground thoroughly so that being fully human can germinate. Then those seeds of Love will grow God in all as The Tree of Life branches out and flourishes, dropping even more seeds of peace, love and unity. When this is done by the masses, well, then it shouldn’t be too hard to see the beautiful forest through the trees.

News and Negative Events:

The World of Noise! There is NO WAY to make sense of the senseless. The ONLY way out of this place of pain, fear, death and deceit is to go in. IN is the way out!

Pandemic, Racial Injustice, Economic Fears:

The old-world model is dying if not dead already. So many beautiful Souls are literally holding on for dear life to that which is dead.
Again, trying to grapple with the senseless using the five senses will never work. The times we are living in require use of the higher
senses: Understanding, Allowance, Perspective, Honest Observation and Truth to be able to stay balanced and/or afloat or, to cross the bridge to the Soul. This is where the meek explorers of the world are headed. Those who choose not to be in the lifeboat as Michael rows it across the river and to the peaceful shore, sadly, will perish.

Covid 19, well, I will leave this right here. Too much deception. Something is killing people regardless of what we call it or whatever
it is. When it comes to racial injustice, oh, there is justice, even though it happens to look like ‘the innocent’ are harmed and killed by someone being hateful. I understand the question. I will get back to this shortly.

Economic collapse is going to happen. The money system of today will dramatically change. The new currency will be that everyone make room for the abundance that belongs to everyone by birthright. The new wealth will be about the health and balance of individuals but as one humanity.

From Homecoming:

The world’s economy will collapse and your funds will have no worth. Yes, the very thing many have valued above all will become valueless. But though the world’s nations may falter economically, it does not mean that many people will not prosper individually. Those who have developed a prosperity consciousness will be able to manifest what is needed, not only for themselves, but for others close to them.

Getting back to your question not only about racial injustice, but all three of these concerns.

Many will not like what will be laid out here. I understand and it’s okay. We must all remember that there is justice — Divine Justice from which there is no escape! Everyone has chosen previous actions that led them to whatever event/s in their life. Karma follows everyone around like a shadow. Enter FORGIVENESS; another higher sense. Forgiveness is what lifts any and all out of those very deceptions that have always been and are being played on humanity. For it is designed to not only raise the ‘innocent’, but the ‘guilty’ as well. One must cross that Sacred Bridge in order to ever understand how the universal machine turns. You see, this world is not about this world. It is about the world to come; the one that is here — NOW! In such forgiveness of others and especially of one’s self, the illusion, karma or maya of this plane we call Earth, dissipates.

My support for these three topics:

One should always look INward which is UPward which is FORward, TOward the greatest possibility. Then and only then, will the world’s citizens rise above the noise that entices all into a fight. This should be the drive of everyone. When this is achieved there will be no more bickering with those loved ones. No more arguing about politics. No more counterpointing racism. No more fueling the fear of terrorism. And Dear Lord, no more warring with the world. As I always say, one has to choose to get out of the fight! All of this engagement is one’s own internal, mind noise.

3. You also write: “When you begin to do what you love continuously, a conscious connection to the Soul happens. In the development and expansion of your life, you will begin to feel a Presence.” What if it is not possible to do what you love? For example, a lot people work jobs that take up over 40 hours of their week that stress them out and leave them feeling exhausted, yet they must remain in those jobs to pay their basis expenses and cover their essential needs?

Another great question! That is the deception I just spoke about. We have all bought into the stink — “the way of the world” — for it was all we know. But still, stink is stinky and it only makes all it touches stink as well. I am NOT saying that how people provide for their family isn’t beautiful or responsible, I am saying that one has made choices about how to govern their affairs in life and are left with the consequences of said choices.

A first step to doing what one loves is to acknowledge that they and they alone bought into the money system. A person can always choose if need be, slowly but surely, walk the path of illumination feeling they deserve the best that life has to offer. The journey of 1000 years begins with the first step and strangely, that step is the halfway point. Nothing, abSOULutely nothing happens until the first step is made.

Whoever you are, work on that craft of yours — master it! Then five years from now, you will find yourself in living joy, bliss, doing
what you love. Then the conscious connection to the Soul will have been made and that Presence will have integrated. God’s Love is the Love one turns within one’s self.

4. Can you share a time in your life when you felt like you were struggling or having difficulty connecting with your Soul, but were eventually able to? What was that like for you?

Many years ago, as a young teenager, my father introduced me to the guitar. From that point all I wanted was to do was play, play, play! The darned thing became my best friend and was definitely instrumental to where I am now just doing those things I love.
At the age of 15, I was seriously wanting to become a Catholic Priest. Yeah, I know. Funny, right? If you knew me, you would think so. But it’s true! I went to a seminary and starting heading down that road, all the while still playing music. After I got better at working on my craft and playing in rock bands, along comes ‘the girl.’ Enter, Jennifer. So, at that point, I stuffed God into a closet and carried on as a wayward son toward a gold record. We dated for many years. She was my girl, intimacy, shelter, transportation, food, and so on. For God sake, I was an aspiring rock star! So, I leaned on her pretty hard. After many years of just not
getting along, she finally said, “See ya!”

My world came crashing down and into a dark night of the soul I went and all I did was lament. I clung to this self-induced, painful time for two years. But, one day, just like that, it was over. I walked to that same old closet and pulled God back out of it.
“What was your method of pulling Spirit from the closet and reinstating It back into your life?” one may ask. I prayed so
humbly, reverently, fervently, passionately and sincerely. This daily ongoing prayer cracked open Thee Door to the Great I Am.
As a professional musician, one morning after very long gig at a casino, I was awakened out of my sleep by a voice.
“Good morning, Keith! It is time for you to wake up.” I looked around my room only to find no one there. I simply dismissed
it as a dream voice and proceed to go back to dreamland. That is when I heard the voice again. “I said, good morning, Keith! it is time for you to wake up from your slumber.”

I fell back on the bed, my eyes closed, and that is when I feel into an experience with the AbSOULute of the Universe. At that moment, I knew the nudge had two meanings: to wake up from my nightly sleep and to actually wake up in this lifetime.
In that supraconscious state, when the Voice of God spoke, I could hear it, yes. But I could also smell it, taste it, see it, feel it. It
was everything imaginable and everything till that point I could not. The Voice told me to sit on my sofa, bring my tape recorder, close my eyes, let go and speak. Per the instructions I was given, I did what was asked, and out came the beginning of a dialogue that eventually became my bestseller, ‘The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven On Earth.

5. You are also an intuitive speaker, philosopher, a poet, composer and a music and film, producer. You have enjoyed a life-long career as a professional musician in both contemporary music and with your spiritual band, LavenderSoul while also being a devoted father. How have you balanced your professional and spiritual pursuits and interests with being a devoted father?

Ah, thought you’d never ask!

I have always said that, when you do what you love you don’t have to find the time to do it. Instead, ‘time’ will find you!
When one lives fully in Love (of what they do) which is endless, eternal, one begins to play in the Cosmic Sandbox. Time in this space of being simply disappears, speeds up, it gets warped or lost. For example: When a person who loves to play basketball does it, they can do it for hours and the next thing they know, it’s ‘time’ to quit and move on to the next priority in their life.
Paradoxically, when the same person goes to the doctor or dentist office, waiting in the lobby for forty-five minutes can seem like
forever. In such a space of being a person feels the weight of time, its gravity, drag and dread. In the same way, depending on one’s
focus of any given reality, time can increase or decrease. So, in regard to your question, I have learned that playing in the
Infinite Arena of Love, we all become Master of Time and the Weavers of Reality. Also, I have a great son, who allows his dad to do those things that bring me joy. He understands what I am teaching him by example, and that is, ‘Son, go out there and do that thing that you love and do it to the hilt!’

6. Have you experienced any serendipity or synchronicity in your life? If so what happened?

This would tie into my answer for your first question. Synchronicity is the Language of the Higher Intelligence; the Language
of Light, God, the Universe; the coming together of things that only few understand or able to decipher. However, It is our ‘native


SPIRIT: “It is born out of My Essence in the causal realm. From there, it swirls through your mind into your feelings, aligning events around you on the earth plane. But coincidences have no significance other than to get your attention through higher means so that you can grasp the very alignment you are in. Because you are beginning to truly open your eyes and ears, you can hear the higher language and can at last see order in what has always appeared to be chaos.”

I have experienced synchronicity so much in my life, I can speak or understand that native tongue. Decoding this serendipitous dialogue from Heaven to Earth is really not that hard. It simply requires the want, the will, the desire to be able to. That alone opens the gate and opens it wide!

For example: As we look at the word “blue” and its homonym, “blew,” we understand their relationship. Most people stop there
and say, “Ok, so what? They sound the same … big deal.” For those who claim this, that gate I just spoke of immediately shuts,
leaving no room to fall into the Higher Language that can only be found by peering into the cracks. Said differently, looking into the
empty space for the love juice that can only be found in between the superficial obvious.

Chinese Proverb:

“It is the empty space between the bars that holds the tiger.”
If you were to ask anyone what holds a tiger in its cage, they would
say it’s the steel bars. This not correct perception. If you take
that very cage and widen those bars, the tiger can free himself. Ah
… now we can SEE! As in music. Music without empty space is one long
drone. Likewise, when one doesn’t look into the emptiness that
contains everything, then one will only see nothing except the mundane
obvious. This myopia or blindness is the condition of most people as
to why they don’t understand anything beyond the cage in which they
have bound themself.

I Am Grateful for my ‘time’ to play in the Cosmic Sandbox with you, Matt!