6 Tips to Pray Effectively as a Christian

If you’re a Christian feeling like your prayer life is weak, you’re not alone. If you’ve encountered a dire situation like a fractured relationship, lack of finances, or emotional hurt, you’ll definitely need to pray your way through the situation. 

Most Christians desire to have a prayer life that is effective enough to change their life. If you’re wondering how to pray effectively, worry no more. Here are pointers to walk you through the prayer journey.

1.  Surround Yourself With Strong Prayer Partners

There comes a time in a Christian’s life when they feel too weak to pray. Prayer partners like online prayer request are meant to pick you and dust you up spiritually. Lifting you in prayers strengthens you so that you’re able to stand on your own.

Once this happens, you’re assured of offering effective prayers to your heavenly Father. Invite your prayer partners not once, but as often as you can. Make your partners your closest friends and watch yourself go higher spiritually.

2. Pray Thankfully And End Your Prayer Positively

Always be a peacemaker in your mind by believing that God already knows the best for you. Always recognise God is at work. Sure, it’s easy to go through the day, focusing on yourself – what you’re trying to overcome, fix, or accomplish. A thanksgiving posture will keep your mind focused on God and what He’s doing in your life.

Praying thankfully is all about paying attention and responding to what God is doing. It’s essential to become continually focused on God and grateful. It takes a lot of practice, although a little more patience will get you there.

3. Believe In God And Never Doubt

Be sure that you have the wisdom to believe when you pray, be wise enough to pray for what you want, and so shall you receive. This is only possible if you have faith and silence the voices of doubt that keep ringing in your head.

It’s quite normal to doubt whether things are ever going to work in your favour. However, this doesn’t mean you should dwell on it. To strengthen your faith in God, reflect on God’s word and how it has come through for you in the past. The Holy Scriptures should be a lamp, especially when you feel you’re in the darkness.

4. Know God’s Word

A strong Christian is always armed with God’s Word, regardless of the situation. This only comes by reading it often or even listening to it. The Bible is the only weapon that enables you to triumph over your adversities.

The Bible guides you and reaches out to touch your heart even when you don’t feel like praying. There are specific scriptures that are meant to strengthen your prayer life as a Christian. Basing your faith in what you read will make your prayers efficient in the long run.

5. Forgive Those Who Wronged You

This is one way to receive forgiveness from your heavenly Father and make your prayers effective. Failing to do this will only see your prayers hit the ceiling and come back to you unanswered.

Bitterness comes as a result of holding on to grudges from a distant past. Letting go will ultimately lead to your spiritual freedom. It can’t happen overnight, but it takes time to achieve. Be intentional about it and work towards making it happen. 

Extend warm gestures towards your adversaries, and your feelings of indifference will fade away with time.

6. Reflect On Past Victories

These are called testimonies and must never be downplayed. Past victories will give you the strength to keep fighting and pressing on. They will make you want to push harder and trust God for more powerful triumphs and testimonies.

Not to mention that they remind you of how powerful God has been and that He never changes. If He did it for you in the past, He’d definitely do it for you again.

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