Q&A with Steve and Tracy Webster, authors of The Law of Creation

1. What is The Law of Creation about and why did you write it? Was it based on your years of being a successful entrepreneur, your passion for Hypnotherapy, or some combination of the two?

Interesting story! Since I was very young I have wondered where we came from and where we are going. Who are we? Who, or What, Made us? So I have been heavily focused on, lets call it metaphysical aspects of life. When I became a hypnotherapist I became aware of the incredible power of the subconscious mind, and that was a big piece of it. The second ‘big piece’ was the fact that I had been extremely successful in my life in terms of relationships, business ventures and wealth. This did not happen by accident. So like any good social scientist I analysed what I was doing to attract so much good stuff. The answers were easy to derive, both scientifically and intuitively. Those answers are laid down as the basis for the Law of Creation.

2. Why do you think many people are disconnected from their personal power today? And what does it take for people to reconnect with their innate creativity?

We are so focused on our day to day lives that we rarely pick our heads up and look for the bigger purpose. Our human-ness is directed by our conscious mind, and each day we are reminded of our human-ness and powerlessness – just look at what is going on in the USA right now. But the real power lies in the subconscious mind. Once you start to harness the amazing power of the subconscious mind, you start to re-affirm yourself as a Creator, a Creator of your life. Then you can form order out of the chaos.

Throughout The Law of Creation there is a recurring theme of “what you think is what you become.”  What is the importance of that based on your experience? 

What you think is what you become. Thoughts become things. The mystery of the quantum world is slowly being unravelled, it is the final frontier for humankind, and phenomena like the double slit experiment are not only really exciting but show us the world is not as we think it is. Our world consists of a lattice structure which has energy at its source. This lattice is basically a temporary physical form around empty space. Everything in the Universe is essentially 99.99999999% empty space. Can you believe that if you removed all the ‘space’, the entire human race would fit into the size of a sugar cube.

I know it’s hard to fathom, but nothing is ‘solid’ in our Universe. An object that appears solid is only a subtle entity formed by an invisible vibration. This form is shaped by the Observer – you. In this sense, each of us creates the World around us. These invisible vibrations manifest as geometrical figures and in this way create a crystal-like entity. The design of a snowflake, the shape of a flower, and everything you see takes on their form because they are responding to an invisible vibration. Stars, planets, minerals, plants, animals and human beings are invisible music that has taken on visible form. It is invisible to us because of our low ‘consciousness’ state – our spectrum of understanding is not wide enough to fathom the incredible infiniteness of everything. The double slit experiment and many other quantum based phenomena prove beyond a doubt that the world you see is created by your thoughts. And if you are not happy with the world you have created, you can change it. Each day you wake up is a new opportunity to take a blank canvas and paint the life you desire. The first step to achieve this is taking ownership – anything and everything that has happened to you was firstly created by you. If you can see this fact then you take back your power to create! Your thoughts are amazingly powerful. So to finally answer your question: Your thoughts create everything you see and experience.

What is the connection between living a High Frequency Life and Happiness, Joy & Success?

You’ve heard the old adage that joy comes from within? I want you to think of a dog – a dog is always happy. A dog does not know where its next meal is coming from. A dog does not know when its owner will return from work. You can even lock a dog up in a confined space, but when you get home, the dog has nothing but unbridled joy. Your happiness comes from within, and is not created by outside things. Only when you understand that can you start changing yourself and to start creating internal happiness. Joy, gratitude and happiness are all high vibrational aspects. When you feel joy, your body releases positive chemicals. The positive chemicals are interpreted by your brain as joy and happiness, so it is kind of an upward spiral. That is why people take drugs – to simulate these feelings through the release of chemicals in the brain. When you vibrate at higher emotions, you have more resources to create further happiness. But see the answer to the final question.

How does knowing about the 18 Universal Laws help people in their everyday lives?

In a number of ways. Firstly if we know the laws we can identify things and experiences that happen to us. We can use the laws to change our behaviour. We can use the laws to further connect with our subconscious mind. We can use the laws to essentially vibrate at a higher level. Only when you understand the interaction and the synergy between the laws will you understand why and how the Law of Attraction works. Ergo, only then will you be able to start creating the amazing life you desire. So on their own the individual Laws have power and meaning, but when combined as a whole, the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. It imparts a subtle knowledge to you, a knowledge that is critical for you to thrive in the modern world.

Why is Gratitude so important? And why do you suggest people combine Gratitude with Love?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who performed experiments with water and emotions. He would put water in a sealed jar, and then label the jar with polar oppositie such as Love, Love and Grattitude, You fool!, Hate, etc. Then he would freeze droplets of the water and analyze them with a microscope.The crystals formed by the ‘bad’ words were misshapen and ugly. The crystals formed by the ‘nice’ words were perfectly formed and beautiful. If written emotions can affect the energy of the water in this way, imagine how felt emotions and the spoken emotions affect these water crystals. He discovered that Love and Gratitude made the most perfect crystal. The one with just ‘love’ was pretty amazing, but not as good as the one with ‘love and gratitude’. What we derive from this is that although love vibrates at a high level, love and gratitude combined vibrate at an even higher level. Now consider that you are over 70% water, and you can understand that your emotions massively affect your cells in your body. Your cells are replacing themselves every day. If that cell is made when you are angry, that emotion finds its way into the cell. Conversely if you are feeling happy then that will be the major experience of the cell. The ‘angry’ cells reduce the overall vibration of your body. Disease can only affect a human body vibrating at low levels. 

What is your favourite part/section of The Law of Creation?

For me it is the part where we detail physically and scientifically how your thoughts create things. As far as I know this is the first time I have ever seen this written down and is a completely original concept (at the time of writing).No other Law of Creation concept proves scientifically how it works. This one does.

Why do we need to vibrate at a high level?

We often hear people say ‘you need to vibrate at a higher level’. Intuitively we know this to be true., but have you ever paused to consider why we should be?

Happiness is our primary objective; when we feel happy we automatically vibrate at a higher level. Conversely, when we are sad we vibrate at a lower level. Happiness cannot exist in a low vibrational environment, because happiness itself vibrates at a high level.

The Law of Vibration states that we resonate with, and attract, experiences that vibrate at the level we are vibrating. Ergo, if we vibrate at a low level we will attract low vibrational experiences. If we vibrate at a higher level we will attract higher vibrational experiences.

The Field of Infinite Possibilities can deliver to you what you visualize. In order for this to happen, we need to ‘observe’ the photons. The Universe will then create what we have ‘observed’, based on our vibrational level. A person vibrating at a higher level has more ‘power’ to effect the manifestation. An electron rotates the nucleus in a specific field. In order for the electron to move, to make the shift, it requires 0.5ev – half an electron volt. When you add enthused emotion to your visualization, you are adding this electrical energy. The heart is the biggest electromagnetic producer in your body. When you vibrate at a higher level, the heart produces more electromagnetic energy. Thus the manifestation arrives sooner. 

When you vibrate at a higher level, you have more resources. You are more likely to act positively:

Pause and consider before responding.

Take time to assess your options

Be able to see more solutions

And less likely to act negatively:

React with your lizard brain – respond with fear

Only consider fight or flight options

Use anger as a weapon

Say things or choose actions you regret later

In the book, you write that Optimism is more than just believing in a positive outcome. It encompasses stopping criticizing self and others, stopping judgment of self and others, and acceptance and forgiveness.

Yes, optimism is a way of life, becomes part of the successful way of life, and leads you into a higher state of consciousness. Conscious growth is not possible without a state of optimism. That optimism says to the Universe that all things are possible. On the blank canvas that you have created, optimism lends credibility to both the canvas you have created, and the endless things you can create on the blank canvas. Conversely, pessimism is judgement of self and others, it is expressed fear, and is the opposite of the Law of Creation manifestation credo.

How can people actually accomplish these steps?

A lot of self-work. Understanding the Laws helps, but we also give you many tools in the book to to not immediately react, to discover pause, to analyse your potential responses to a situation, and then to make the right choice.

What makes The Law of Creation distinct from every other book or program on the topic of The Law of Attraction? What will readers take away from this book?

Short answer:

Why the Law of Attraction works, and why it does not.

The fact that everything you see is created by you

A real way to bring joy and happiness into your life

Although abundance is not the key to happiness (it is a big part of it), the book explains how to attract that abundance. Scientifically.

Long answer:

For the first time ever, this book explains the PHYSICS and the SCIENCE of why and how the laws of creation work. When you know how it works, it gives you the ability to create everything you desire. 

As we go about our daily lives, we all seek out knowledge; we try to improve our lives, and obtain more joy, happiness and purpose. That knowledge resides within us, but we remain ‘unconnected’ to it. The Law of Creation explains the 18 Laws, and the link and balance between them. You will be reconnected to your absolute ability to create your life.

This book will teach you how to:

  • create your life
  • change your circumstances
  • manifest abundance
  • emit and absorb joy
  • develop harmonious bonds with family and friends
  • establish meaningful relationship with your significant others
  • emanate love
  • establish purpose

We all have this ability to create, you are doing it right now. Mostly you create what you don’t want. Now you can create what you do want! This knowledge is in every one of us, it is part of who we are. We are just ‘cut off’ from it. We are disconnected from it. The Law of Creation is all about how to reconnect to your creative powers.

You cannot know the contents of this book and fail to be an abundance machine!

You completed writing your original The Law of Creation book manuscript in 2017. Why didn’t you publish it then?  What was it like co-writing this updated version of the book with your wife Tracy?

I believe that the Universe is a well choreographed symphony – things happen at the right time. 2017 was not the right time to publish. There were events that happened in 2017 onwards which had immense power and meaning for both myself and Tracy. The final chapter by Tracy explains why the book was necessary in 2020 and not 2017.

What are the next chapters you are creating in your life Steve?

Tracy and I are busy writing the next book in the Law of Creation series. This one will focus on applying the 18 Laws, and the Law of Creation in general. Tracy and Ciara (our eldest of two adult daughters) working on a children’s version – imagine learning this amazing concept of being able to create your life from an early stage – imagine the power that lends to kids, now and for future life.

We are busy with creating the film for the Law of Creation. We already have the Director, and are having fun putting this together. The film should launch in 2021.

Are there any last words or thoughts you’d like to share with us today?

You can carry on being upset with your life, being upset with the world you live in, or you can choose to do things differently. When you assess your options for this, the Law of Creation gives you an amazing foundation for you to build on. Your real power is not in your conscious mind, it is your subconscious mind and the electromagnetic power of your organs, especially the heart. Learn how to access it, learn how to harness its awesome power. Learn to Uncreate what you have built so far, and learn to Create the life you desire.