Interview with Deneen Joyner, author of Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter’s Awakening to Pain and Destiny

What is Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter’s Awakening to Pain and Destiny about and why did you write it?

Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations is an award-winning spiritual memoir that recounts my dark night of the soul in 2011 that almost left me dead by suicide. Readers will witness vulnerability, courage and power as I transformed my life from a hostage to emotional pain to a modern-day warrior daughter as I fought to end decades of carrying emotional pain. At the heart of this beautiful memoir, is the guided wisdom channeled to me by the ancient voices of my Native American and Igbo ancestors that I used to heal. It also examines the DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint to examine the lessons sent in our lives to master pain and healing. It delves into the role our ancestors and family play with allowing us to see ourselves, what we are made of, and how it is all intrinsically tied to a soul contract created before we even took our first breath, one that has been waiting several lifetimes to be fulfilled.

I wrote the book after arriving at my healing in 2014. I want the book, to empower readers to learn how to become students of their lives, by exploring their spiritual inheritance, soul wounds, family karma and innate gifts to discover the DNA of their own life’s pain.

Tell us about your work as a soul medium and spiritual coach. What services do you provide and how did you get interested in that type of work?

As a Soul Medium, I am an intermediary and expert of the soul. I utilize my Native American ancestors’ practices in soul healing that spans over 500 years, to guide others in soul restoration. I introduce the seven laws that govern healing, that becomes a lifestyle practice that begins daily first inward and then later after more conscious awareness shows up outwardly in real time in life. 

I have framed my services around the stages of healing, which consists of awakening, journeying and mastering.  

Awakening either occurs on our own, by becoming aware that our ability to pretend that everything is good in our lives is about to hit the fan. Or divine intervenes by creating rock bottom circumstances that makes us awaken and begin to question how we arrived where we are. Both will generally incite a period of self-awareness and taking inventory of our lives and wanting something more.

Journeying is the next stage; journeying is where the bulk of our work is done towards healing. It requires a daily commitment to consciousness so that we can become mindful of the things we say and the things we do, that are lending to feelings of being stuck in pain. We learn to become curious about our lives in a way that we never have before by becoming students of our lives.  We fact find by gathering all that we can about how we learned to respond to emotional pain dating back several generations. It is also where we lay out the pieces and begin to see the picture that frames our lives. As our “why” questions are beginning to get answers.  Journeying is where we also learn about our ancestors, by asking questions to available family members, listening to family stories once again also by doing an ancestry test. Knowing who we are, greatly helps us in leaning in even more, with understanding the behavioral nuances and approaches that we unknowingly have adopted that come from DNA and our family. We also learn how our wounds become our triggers to emotionally painful situations, which are also opportunities for us to respond differently as we grow in consciousness and mastery. Journeying is where we are tested.

Mastering is the final stage of self-healing it requires us to reach a consistent elevated level of daily consciousness and self-mastery. This is where we master our responses more than we are challenged by our wounds. We continue to awaken to our lives and how we came to be. As we continue to expand our knowledge surrounding our pain by using what we learned during journeying to move forward in healing. Mastery will eventually lead us to a level of healing, that allows us to clear our souls so we can ultimately arrive at our soul’s purpose and fulfill our holy assignment. 

The seven laws that govern healing are the foundation for which the stages unfold.

 My top service is my Soul Readings, which offers a 360-degree spiritual blueprint of the soul, to aide in identifying past pain, repeated pain and emotional trauma(s) from childhood to present day. 

 Prior to ever talking or meeting the person requesting a reading, for three days I meditate, pray and activate the reading. I temporarily connect to the soul, which allows me to channel and feel into the emotions of the person I am reading. Being in this meditative space, I easily tap into the emotional pain by reading and connecting to true feelings and experiences with their lives. Being able to also communicate with divine energies allows me to quickly interpret what their emotional wounds and blocks are. 

I validate what people have already experienced, providing the answers to most of their “why” questions and can provide soul lessons that lend to healing and life mastery.

I create an intimate spiritual environment for emotional and personal awareness to aide in coming to terms with past pain, repeated pain and emotional trauma(s).

The most beautiful part of the soul reading experience is when I channel enlightened life messages from an ancestor of the person I am reading.

 You used to work as a social worker. What sort of social work did you do and for how long? And, how did that help prepare you for the work you do now?

I worked with low income children and families in varying capacities for 18 years of my career, I retired in 2011 as a Director of the YWCA . These professional experiences prepared me in being able to gain a deeper sense of love and compassion for other people.  I witnessed people at the lowest and darkest places in their lives, find the courage and strength to overcome the greatest of challenges to recover and rebuild again.  I also know that even though I was not aware that I was using my gifts, they greatly aided me with being able to meet people emotionally where they were and to find the right words to comfort and guide them.  I have a strong foundation for case management and educating others which translates today into my ability to spiritually coach and track others, using my self-guided healing practices.  It also exposed me to the generational ties invisibly passed down to us from and by our family’s karma, that later becomes our soul’s wounds.

Lastly it has given me, a longstanding belief in God, hope, faith, commitment and resilience because I know these all are the foundational elements in reconciling one’s life.

 You write about the importance of trusting your instincts and gut. What advice would you give to people who trust their instincts and gut, but still experience failure and/or emotional pain?

Our intuition is the divine part of us that keeps us on course with remembering who we are and the true reason we are here. It is designed to intervene on our behalf by linking us to internal messages that guide and protect us. However, when we are distracted, numb or in doubt, we sometimes override using our intuition or gut instincts because we no longer trust ourselves. Sometimes life can be so loud, that we often fail to hear the whispers. 

Those who experience failure and emotional pain should look at the source of the failure and pain. Was it something that they experienced before in their childhood?  Were there circumstances that warranted their attention that they missed or and responded out of fear?

Most of the emotional pain we experience, is pain that we tend to recreate from our childhoods unknowingly.  Following the invisible thread back to where and how things begin, will greatly empower self-discovery of repeated pain and failures and offer the ability to reconnect us to begin to rely on our intuition instead of our ego.

In 2011, you had a dark night of the soul and almost died by suicide. What brought you to that point and what helped you move through it? What advice would you have for people who are considering suicide?

I had been carrying over four decades of unresolved emotional pain. I knew that the walls were closing in and was anticipating when the rug would be pulled from beneath me and it happened.

The straw that broke the camels back was the day that my car was repossessed after not having the money to make my payments due to investing all my retirement into a new business venture that failed.  That day presented that I was not doing well in life, and that I would always be chasing my tail, trying to overcome painful circumstances.  I did not have a clue how to get beyond the dark place I found myself in, and was too ashamed to tell anyone, because after all I should have the answers, I had them for everyone else.

I had never been so defeated and believed in those final moments leading up to believing that ending my life was my only choice, I became angry with God because I felt set up!  I could not believe that after all I had been through, throughout my entire life, that this is where he wanted me to arrive at?  I shouted, “you never gave me my answers”! I was referring to, two questions I posed to him as a girl, why did you give me these gifts and what are they for?

My anger took a shift and my social work hat came on and I said to myself. “if you really wanted to take your life, you would not be concerned that you did not get your answers”.  I knew that it was true, that I really wanted those answers and therefore did not want to end my life.

Most people who encounter wanting to take their own life, have lived with a tremendous amount of emotional pain and trauma.  They grow weary in carrying despite having undergone counseling.  They feel hopeless and believe like I did, that there is anyway to ever feel peace or be authentically happy.  I have discovered that we are not designed to carry emotional pain, that is why we struggle with carrying it.  I also learned that we were never taught how to respond to emotional pain and because of it, we tend to adopt ways to mask our feelings like our parents or primary caretakers.

Suicide is not the solution. People are growing sensitive to their pain more and more because their soul is asking them to purge it. Our soul is a recorder of all life events, and pain and trauma take up the most space.  If we do not respond and release pain and trauma in a healthy way when it occurs, the energy take up residence within our soul and remains in a reservoir until it is acknowledged, honored and released.  When you do not respond, it becomes unresolved and you are left feeling stuck, unfulfilled and hopeless.  My soul healing services offers a new way to live, respond and engage in life.

Can you provide any compelling examples of how your work has helped other people?

AThe souls I partner with, immediately report feeling validation, hope and understanding about their life of pain after just one meeting.  They feel empowered to begin their own self-guided healing journey.  My soul work is life changing in an honoring and powerful way.

My clients learn how to reconcile their lives on their own, by completing reflective customized spiritual homework and being introduced to the seven laws that govern self-guided indigenous healing.

I have been reading souls since 2014, all those I have worked with have gone on to live the lifestyle that governs daily healing and are experiencing a more highly conscious peace filled life.

My clients are more consciously equipped to think before responding to emotionally charged events differently to avoid fueling the same circumstances.  They mastered soul lessons that previously they missed.

Many report that my private coaching takes light years off of therapy, they had undergone for five years or more. The work is empowering and feels like a natural extension of what healing should look and feel like.