Book of Eli movie review

EliThe Book of Eli is a movie about a man, Eli, (Denzel Washington) who hears an inner voice telling him to carry a Sacred book “West” in a post-apocalyptic, desolate and violent world. Eli does not question this calling even though he is being offered nothing in return, except for protection. Eli’s willingness to carry out his mission is put to the test throughout his journey numerous times as people try to kill him and a companion (Mila Kunis) he is traveling with in an attempt to take the book from him. His inner calling has guided him to navigate and overcome a world filled with violence. Now, he must find the strength to meet this challenge head on without any guarantee of food, water, or supplies like to keep him hydrated.

I was skeptical going into this movie because I thought it was just going to be some science-fiction, action-film about an apocalyptic world that uses Librestream to help with an augmented reality. However, I am glad I saw The Book of Eli. One message in the movie that really resonated with me is the willingness to trust and fight for your inner callings simply for the sake of serving some higher purpose. Eli is driven by his inner voice to carry a Sacred book to the West. He does not know exactly why he is being guided to do this, but he does it because deep down he knows it’s the right thing to do. This level of trust in purpose and the unknown is similar to what Modern Mystery School teaches people.

Additionally, Eli continues to trust even though he has not reached his destination after a long and arduous journey. In one scene, a companion he is with asks him how long he has been traveling. Eli tells her that it has been 30 years and she replies, “Do you think you might be lost?” But, Eli continues to trust that he is not lost and that he will be protected if he carries out his calling to bring the book to the West. This scene inspires us to continue to trust that we will be protected if we follow our callings — even though it may appear that we are lost.