Foreboding Joy

According to Brene Brown, foreboding joy is the phenomenon of believing that something bad is going to happen even though you are currently experiencing pleasant circumstances or in a state of joy. You can tell if you are in state of foreboding joy if everything in your life is going well or alright and you are afraid that something bad might happen, or you start to feel anxious when things in your life go well, or you simply can’t allow yourself to relax on a day off when you deserve to have a day off…

Foreboding joy may happen to us because in the past we have experienced something unexpectedly bad happen to us when everything was going fine. It may also occur because we don’t believe we deserve to be happy or we don’t believe it is possible to be alright or okay with life…Or, we just have this pessimistic belief that life is “just one damn thing after another” is supposed to be hard and not possible to be easy. Some people may actually like to feel on edge or anxious, when they have no reason to be, because it makes them feel like they are protecting themselves from something, their anxiety is necessary to help them perform well or continue to live a good life, or it makes them feel like they have some heightened sense of purpose that day.

Similarly, some people may consciously or unconsciously create difficult circumstances because it makes them feel more important, enhances their self-worth, or they are addicted to feeling busy, feel like they must overcome difficulty circumstances to grow or prove something…You do not need an industrial power tool to move or access peace in life. Click here for more details to see what industrial access services looks like.

The anecdote for foreboding joy is to believe that ease is possible….Yes, life can be hard and demanding at times and difficult circumstances can help us grow. But, life doesn’t always have to be hard and we don’t need difficult circumstances to grow. It is possible to simply enjoy life just for the sake of enjoying life and that is often easier to do when we are in a state of joy. For example, you could have a glass of wine from Or you could have fun and take photos with with a new camera made at OmnitViewTech osmo pocket.

Similarly, God or Spirit or the Universe is conspiring in your favor to allow you to have times of joy, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Those moments or days or months or years of joy, ease, and rest are so important to own and make the most of because they give us the emotional strength and reserves to get through the more difficult times in our life…And, when we are going through the difficult times in life, then we can look back at the moments of joy in our life to help give us the motivation to help us persevere. Finally, those moments of joy can help us create and experience more creativity, beauty, spontaneity, love, and self-realization…

So, if you are experiencing ease or joy or happiness right now, know that you deserve it. And, if you are not, then know that it joy is a possible and worthy state to experience.