Q&A with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Plan

1. You are a hypnotist specializing in Between Lives Soul Regressions (BLSRs). What exactly is that and what do you do?

A Between Lives Soul Regression or BLSR (also known as a life between lives regression or LBL) is a sacred experience in which you can return to the nonphysical realm you call Home between your earthly incarnations and so experience and remember your identity as an immortal soul. A Between Lives Soul Regression is a powerful and deeply healing way to gain an expanded awareness of who you really are and a profound understanding of the plan for, and purpose of, your life.

A Between Lives Soul Regression begins with some preliminary steps that are intended to help you relax deeply. I will then guide you briefly into a past life. The past life will be one that is directly relevant to your current lifetime. For example, you may see something that was left incomplete in a past life and that you planned to complete in your current incarnation. Or, if you’re struggling with something in particular, Spirit may show you a past life in which you had success with that issue as a way of saying, “You succeeded in this area before, so you can succeed again.”

After the past life ends, you can talk with one of your guides about why you were shown that particular past life and how it impacted the plan for your current lifetime. We then ask your guide to escort you to the Council of Elders. The Council consists of the wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who oversee the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. The Council knows everything about you: the plan for your current lifetime, as well as everything about every past life you’ve had. You can ask the Council any questions you have about what you planned for your current lifetime, why you made those plans, how you’re doing in terms of fulfilling your plan, and what you can do to better fulfill your plan. You can also ask any questions you have about any of the significant people and pets in your life. Many clients describe basking in the Council’s pure, unconditional love and total nonjudgment. Often the Council will provide a powerful energetic healing.

Talking with the Council is a wondrous opportunity to ask any questions you have on any subject. After a Between Lives Soul Regression, many clients state, “I received an answer to every question I asked, and I have no more questions about my life!”

2. Part of your work is to help people discover what they planned BEFORE they were born for their current lifetime. Can you give any interesting or compelling examples of someone you worked with and how this was able to help them?

In my second book Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, I share the story of Caroline, who lost her only child Cameron to suicide. In a channeling session in which Caroline and I talked with Jesus, he told us that if a suicidal person has the slightest willingness to change their mind, Spirit knows, and Spirit stages an intervention. What this means, then, is that every suicide preventable by outside forces was prevented. So, if someone reading this has lost a loved one to suicide, please know that there was literally nothing you could have done to prevent the suicide. This is on pages 410-411 of the book. I consider this to be perhaps the single most healing piece of information I’ve come across in all the years I’ve been doing this work.

3. What role does free will and destiny play in your work? For example, if someone planned to do something before their life, does that mean they are destined to do it or do they have the free will to choose to pursue that during their life? 3a. If free will is involved, why do you think some people accomplish what they were hoping to accomplish or planned to accomplish BEFORE they were born and other people do NOT accomplish what they were hoping to accomplish or planned to accomplish before they were born.

When I say that things are planned before we’re born, I mean that most things are planned as possibilities or probabilities. Very little is set in stone. Whether a particular possibility actualizes depends upon our free will decisions. This is how we learn and why life on Earth is a great teacher. If everything were predestined, we would be nothing more than automatons, and no learning would occur.

4. What are some helpful suggestions you have for people to better understand what they planned to do BEFORE they were born and how they can accomplish that during their lifetime?

The most powerful way to find out what you planned and how best to fulfill your plan is a Between Lives Soul Regression. That’s a direct experience in which you yourself talk with Spirit; you aren’t relying on someone else to be accurate in retrieving information for you. Other ways to learn about your plan are: meditation, dreamwork, astrology, numerology, palmistry, automatic writing, The Michael System (a body of channeled literature; you can have a session with someone who channels Michael); mediums or channels; Chinese face reading; nedi leaf reading (you have to go to India for this one); Akashic Record readings; a soul plan reading (the Blue Marsden system). General indicators you’re on track with your plan: feelings of joy or excitement; following aspirations and inspirations; engaging in any activity that creates time distortion or what some call the “flow” state.

5. What advice would you give to counselors or coaches who are working with people who are severely depressed and considering suicide and do not believe they have any soul plan or purpose in life?

Tell your clients that if you weren’t learning and growing, you wouldn’t still be in body. The fact that you are still here means your soul sees some beautiful and great purpose being served by your life. Your work is to shift from body-personality consciousness, which sees only a small slice of the big picture, to soul consciousness. My books Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift can help with that.

6. Do you have any interesting examples of serendipity or synchronicity in your life or work with people and how that has helped them accomplish their soul plan?

In Your Soul’s Gift there’s a chapter about the pre-birth planning of miscarriage and abortion. The miscarriage story is about Rebecca, who loses so much blood during her miscarriage that she nearly dies. She is saved when one of her spirit guides assumes human form and instructs the emergency medical team as to how to save her. I can’t do justice to the story here, but it’s an amazing example of how the Universe creates “serendipity” to help us fulfill our life plans

7. Anything else?

Only the most courageous beings choose to incarnate on Earth. The fact that you are here in body on Earth automatically places you among the most courageous beings in the Universe.