Q&A with Gloria De Pietro, author of A Soul’s Journey

Why did I write this book?

Thank you for asking me to write this blog and add it to yours. My name is Gloria De Pietro. I am a past life regression specialist. That’s a mouth-ful I know, but what I do is I get my clients in touch with their former lives to help them understand and learn from what they’ve experienced before.

The reason I wrote the book; A Soul’s Journey is because I feel that this is the time that has been written about for a millennia in every major religious text known to man, from the book of Enoch to the Koran, to the Old and New Testament and even the Vedic writings from 5,000 years ago which all speak about a new age dawning, when our creator will establish a new earth, a heaven on earth. This is an opportune time for all of us to move forward in our evolutionary path. It is difficult to embrace a higher level of consciousness, one of love and living in our fourth or even fifth dimension, when we are still killing each other, starting wars, harboring thoughts of greed and power, and bickering with each other about how we should live. When we realize that we must atone for our every thought and action, we would think twice before we act contrarily to the universal law.

You cannot attain a light body while living and thinking with a third-dimensional mindset. We live in a world of duality of cause and effect; we are mostly living in our reptilian brains, which is the thought process of survival. Once we learn that we are our own judge and jury, then perhaps we’ll start acting accordingly. I do not profess to know better or to tell you how you should think or act. I do not judge anyone because I know we act out our belief systems according to what we have been taught from our past experiences. This is why I have dedicated my life to helping people release old belief structures and forgive themselves for what they have done in their previous lives.

Think for a moment if you were tortured and killed by the medieval inquisitors. How do you think you would feel toward the church now? Or perhaps; you were a courtesan in the 15th century who tried to help children who were sold into the sex trade. How do you think you would feel about abused children today? I have memories such as these from my past lives, one as a monk who lived in the 12th century and one as 15th century woman who lived in a bordello. You might think that’s it’s impossible to remember such lifetimes, but it’s not impossible or difficult for me, and I know how to help anyone release these memories.

How can you remember lifetimes from so long ago?

The question is not whether we’ve lived before ̶̶ this is a fundamental truth. Rather, the question is, why do we continually return again and again?

My research on this subject has brought me to the understanding that we come back to learn important lessons, to finish business left unresolved, and to forgive and let go of deep-rooted prejudices and resentments. The soul is an energy form that cannot be destroyed. It attaches itself to a physical body to experience this life of duality to purify itself, for the sole purpose of returning to its original state of perfection. This realization brings us to the understanding that every thought and action creates an outcome. This state of being makes up our reality of the third dimension. Everything here is based on the principle of cause and effect. It makes perfect sense that universal law is ruled by karma; this is how we learn.

As children, we learn that if we touch a hot stove, we will get burned. Once we feel the pain of our burned finger, we remember not to touch the stove again. The pain becomes an imprint. The memory wants to be resolved in some way, and how we correct the situation is open to a myriad of possibilities. You can leave the kitchen altogether, you can ask someone else to remove the burning pot from the stove, or you can put on a protective glove. We have free will to choose how we want to overcome our defeats. It is up to us to decide. We can remember the past lives by going within and asking our bodies to tell their stories using the imprint that is there. I know the regression techniques taught to me by my teacher Dr. Roger Woolger; it is easy to remember past lives with a trained practitioner. We remember the lives we’ve lived before that are still resonating with us today because our souls want to heal and move on. It can be because the lesson hasn’t been learned yet or because we have come back to make amends or  just rectify the wrong that was done.

The past lives reviewed in this exposé were analyzed for their content, and the criteria were as follows: (1) What was the main purpose of that life? (2) What lesson was learned? (3) What was left unresolved? (4) How was the lesson integrated into the soul’s overall understanding? (5) How did the lesson fit into the bigger picture of the soul’s evolution?

Taking responsibility for our every thought and action is the only way to block the effects of karma and to end the cycle of death and rebirth. No more pointing fingers or blaming someone else for your reality. No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself. You must take responsibility for your own actions. Once you get to that place, you will develop compassion and empathy for those who are still on the path of self-realization. A Soul’s Journey is a story of traveling through time to find the truth. You are the truth; you are the way.

What makes you qualified to write such a book?

I have been a certified regression therapist since 2010, having studied with renowned Jungian analyst Roger Woolger Ph. D. since 2006. I have performed hundreds of regressions and have researched this particular book for 15 years. I have also worked with trauma victims as an art therapist since 2000. I have put my hours in, and I am confident that the material presented in this book is authentic and has not been presented in this manner before.

I began to investigate karmic patterns as a way to understand my own life to help answer the question why am I here and what is the purpose of this life. It was while studying with Dr. Woolger that I began to understand how the wheel of karma teaches us the lessons we need to learn here and now.

Thus, this lifelong journey has taken me to do this research on how past lives influence our current thoughts, deeds, and actions. This book can explain many of our unanswered questions about our origins, and it is timely and relevant. 


For more information you can visit:   www.pastliferegressionny.com


  1. Adam Phillips says:

    “Taking responsibility for our every thought and action is the only way to block the effects of karma and to end the cycle of death and rebirth. No more pointing fingers or blaming someone else for your reality. No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself. You must take responsibility for your own actions. ” Is a brilliant perspective. It’s about facing reconciliation, not searching for absolution

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