Different Types of card readings

Card reading is one of the most popular divination practices. The psychic world offers a large number of possibilities of divination through tools as useful and powerful as letters. According to different cultures and beliefs, different types of card readings have been created although almost all of them pursue the same purpose: to help you connect with yourself, better understand the present and know a little more about your future.

Many positive aspects can be found in each one. Psychic readings are focused on obtaining specific information using very well developed perceptual and intuitive skills. Thus, you can get help from a psychic to resolve the doubts and concerns you have. Psychic readings constitute a profound science and discovering which one is best for you will depend strictly on you. Among the most prominent ones, we have the following:


It is one of the most popular card readings. It consists of a form of consultation or interpretation of events, which may be in the present, past or future, through a deck of cards. A specific origin of this practice is unknown, but its references date back to the 15th century, specifically in Italy. Since then, tarot has been used as a form of divination whose technique consists in selecting cards from a special deck so that, later, a reader can interpret them according to the order in which you choose them.

The deck used consists of 78 cards, divided into major and minor arcana. All of them have different meanings and directly influence the reading according to the way they appear in each card roll.

Angel Cards:

Angel cards are a deck of cards that allow each person to connect with the energies of an angelic being destined to protect and care for them. The purpose of your reading is to find guidance that allows us to know the ideal way to lead our lives. The protection of angels covers aspects of our exit but focuses on helping us develop spiritually.

The main difference between this and other types of card readings is that the best angel card readings allow a connection between the seer and the angel being consulted. Thus, through their messages, angels provide encouragement, courage, and wisdom to face any type of situation.


Card reading is a type of divination or prediction of the future that is made through traditional cards from a deck of cards or specific cards such as tarot. Each of the cards has a symbol that allows interpreting a message about an event that will happen in the future, which is why they are also known as “revelation letters”.

Card reading can be done through the use of tarot cards or normal cards such as the Spanish, French, German and English cards. In order to make an effective reading and an adequate interpretation, the psychic must take into account all aspects of the cards, including the elements, colors, and symbols.

So, what to choose?

Choosing which card reading is most appropriate for you will depend mainly on your needs and the information you are looking for. Before contacting any psychic specialist, it is wise to be clear about what you want to know.

As mentioned, all card readings pursue similar objectives and work in a similar way. However, they have very marked differences. The tarot, for example, is more related to the field of love or relationships. Cartomancy, meanwhile, is linked to future fortune and helps to glimpse possible aspects of tomorrow’s life. And finally, angel cards can be perceived as guiding messages sent by your protective angels to help you face your challenges.