10 good things we learned from Disney

Lately, Disney is criticized a lot, those cartoons that we grew up with and that made us dream. Yes, maybe they made us dream of being princesses, princes or happy endings, but what is wrong with a girl dreaming about fairy tales? I do not say that the princes do not have their chunga part and it is clear that the “mothers” were not the favorite character of Walt Disney (let’s be realistic, many stories would not have made sense if there was a mother involved …), but they also have things good.

Each of us makes a different reading of what surrounds us, of what happens to us, of the movies we see, of the books we read … But being objective, some Walt Disney drawings give us very good lessons. Additionally, I recommend this site to know Are you a Disney Princess and what qualities needed to become a real Disney princess.

Good values ​​that Disney transmits

Sincerity: Pinocchio is a perfect movie to teach the little ones of the house the importance of telling the truth. Every time he tells a lie his nose is growing, it is something very graphic for them, so it is not uncommon to hear a mother say to her son “as you say another lie your nose will grow like Pinocchio ”

Reading promotion: yes, I am a fan of reading but who has not dreamed of “devouring” books after seeing Bella slide down the stairs in the library? The start of the film revolves around how fun it is to read and how it can make you live a thousand different adventures.

Perseverance: The movie passes Nemo’s father looking for the little clownfish. No matter what you think you have no hope, no matter if you put sharks in front of you or any problem, he keeps looking for his son. Finally, he ends up demonstrating that perseverance and not giving up has its reward.

Respect for other cultures and our environment: There is no clearer example of this than  Pocahontas. It shows us the importance of caring for and respecting Mother Earth, but also that despite belonging to different cultures, we are all equal and we can all understand each other.

Beauty is inside: the entire Beauty and the Beast movie revolves around this idea, we can see it from the first moment in which the prince casts the old woman for her appearance, which is why she will fall on him a curse that will turn him into a beast. But above all, it will be demonstrated later when Bella breaks the curse and the Beast is again a prince, although it is true what my companion Pilar says that you have to scratch a lot to discover the good background of Beast …

Equality:  Mulan gives us a clear lesson of what it is to fight for ideals and reveal against what you do not believe fair. Being a woman, her parents and society think she should stay at home serving tea instead of going to war. However, she does not sit idly by and shows that she is as valid as any man to fight.

Imagination: if there is a magical movie par excellence, it is Peter Pan. Peter conveys the idea that dreams can come true, that you just have to fight for them. It invites us to dream and believe in things you would never think. In fact, from it comes the well-known phrase that many entrepreneurs have as a motto ” If you can think it, you can do it “.

Solidarity: Robin Hood worried about the hardships his neighbors were going through, so he decided to start robbing the rich to give it to the poor. It is true that he was an outlaw and that what he was doing is wrong, however, everyone remembers him as a hero because he did not do it for his benefit, but to help those who were having a worse time.

Be yourself: this lesson is given to us by Aladdin. He thinks he has to become a prince to please Jasmine, however, when he appears dressed as such and with a whole retinue she doesn’t pay him any attention. As soon as he realizes that he is the young man without money he met in the bazaar, he falls at his feet and together they will fight for his love.

Family ties: one of the latest Disney movies,  Frozen is a good example of trust and friendship between siblings. It shows the good relationship that Elsa and Anna had and how having to hide a secret from the distance. Despite that, the complicity between the two never disappears and the love they feel is what will finally make everything end well.