Q&A with Michele D. Baker, author of All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One

1. What is “All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One” about and why did you write it? 

This first book is about the ascension process we are all going through together. The ascension includes every single person on Earth, our pets and other animals, the rocks and trees and water, the planet itself (actually, Herself), and even beings on other planets in the Universe. As humans are waking up, they are realizing that we are all part of an immense, interconnected web that binds us all together – it’s like the Force (haha)! I wrote this book because it’s what I was put here to do…because being a way-shower in written form is my reason for incarnating on Earth at this time. I was literally put here to be just a few steps ahead, so I could write it down and, in essence, tell people, “OK, just around this next corner, here’s what you should expect, so be ready.” To do that task, I listen to what “My Team” says and use automatic writing to put it down on paper in journal format. The next book (coming soon) will continue the messages and will focus more on the “how” of ascension: in a word…Gratitude. 

2. In your late thirties, you realized you had the extraordinary gift of clairaudience, meaning you could hear and speak with angels, ancestors, spirit guides and other sentient beings. What exactly was that like? For example, could you hear actual audible voices or were they more like feelings or intuitions? And, how did you differentiate them from your own thoughts?  

Yes, I can hear actual voices, but it’s more like hearing yourself in your head when you read a book. You’re almost reading the book aloud, but inside your head. At first, I didn’t realize that they weren’t my own thoughts. Well, that’s misleading. They ARE my own thoughts, because My Team uses my language, my sentence structure, my frames of reference as a middle-aged white female from the USA to send through information that will be understandable to others. I learned to differentiate the Messages (I always think of them as a proper noun) from my own thoughts by listening closely. Honestly, at some point, there’s no difference. When you’re allowing the Divine to flow through without getting in the way, it’s a partnership – “They” give information but use my knowledge and experiences to say that information in such a way as to be accessible to John Q. Public.

Another important thing: there are lots (and lots) of way-showers in many different places doing this work. There are many, many inspiring spiritual writers out there. Some of my heroes include Mike Dooley, Matt Kahn, Ken Carey, Deepak Chopra, Bob Frissell, Martha Beck, Suzie Ward and many others.

3. Can you provide any examples of how these messages have helped you or anyone else improve their life?  

Every single day, I learn something more about the world around me and my place in it. Often times when I write in my journal, I don’t even really know what I’m writing – I’m just zoned out, moving my pen on the page and “transcribing” what I hear. Afterwards, I go back and read it, and more often than not, I think, “Wow – that’s amazing! I had no idea that X, Y, Z.” So it’s a learning adventure for me, too. 

One specific example of how the messages have helped someone: an acquaintance of mine used to own a spiritual bookstore and crystal shop. She held classes, and hosted book readings, and was “into spirituality” before I woke up to my own mission, so I always saw her as several steps ahead of me in a spiritual context. She recently bought and read my book and wrote me to say she cried in relief in several places, and she felt that I had “written the book just for her.” As an author, I appreciate it when people enjoy my book. As a channel, it’s very validating to know that I’m receiving and passing on information in such a way that people can actually hear and use it.

4. Why do you think some people can connect to angels and spirit guides, but other people cannot? 

Everyone can do this. It’s part of our Divine birthright to be connected and Awake. I think that the reason most people don’t connect to their angels and spirit guides is that they aren’t aware it’s even a possibility, or perhaps they are boxed in by religion or their beliefs, or they are worried what people will say if they start announcing, “Hey, I can hear angels!” It took me a decade to decide that I hear what I hear, and I believe it is the truth. If others think I’m nuts, or don’t believe in it, that’s fine – they aren’t ready to know this information yet. (Believe me, this was a hard one!)

5. You talk about universal truths related to emotions…Would you find sharing some helpful insights or ideas related to emotions? 

My guides tell me that emotions are meant to be signposts. “If it feels good, keep doing that.” If it’s sad or depressing or makes you angry, turn around as soon as possible and choose a different path. The sneaky part is that most people are taught not to trust their emotions – that “being emotional” is a worthless strategy and has no place in the “real world,” like business, or science, or law. That facts and written, demonstrable proof, are the only valid ways to make decisions. 

And some people are addicted to the “high” that results from a good, old-fashioned bitch fest or blazing anger. All this is part of being human and experiencing everything there is to experience. But know that you are a co-creator of your own Universe, you have a choice in the matter, and if you don’t like what’s happening in your world right now – you’re sad, or lonely, or angry, or depressed, or sick, or tired – you are absolutely, 100% allowed to choose again, and again, and again, until you get a result that makes you happy.

6. How do angels and spirit guides connect with us? And, what advice would you have for people who might be guided by angels or spirit guides but question the guidance because it appears irrational or impractical? 

Angels, spirit guides, and other advanced beings connect with us when we reach a certain level of consciousness – when we have ascended enough, and are vibrating fast enough, to hear them. It’s simply not possible to hear with ears that have not yet been “turned on.” After that, it’s pretty much automatic. They are always there – like radio frequencies are always there, but you can’t hear them unless the radio is turned on and tuned to a station that’s transmitting.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by guidance that appears irrational or impractical. I’ve never received anything that wasn’t completely perfect for me at the time. Sometimes, you may get information that doesn’t yet make sense, because all the events surrounding that information have not completed. But usually within a few days or weeks, I go, “Aha! So that’s why I got that information!” and it all comes together seamlessly, and often in unexpected and beautiful ways.

I think maybe if a person is receiving guidance that is “irrational” or “impractical,” perhaps that’s a sign that it’s not actually “guidance,” but rather the Ego and the “monkey mind,” which is all the other stuff swirling around in our heads all the time making a lot of noise and trying to control everything. When it’s real guidance, it’s a quiet little voice, it’s simple, it’s easy, and it makes perfect sense.

7. Did you experience any serendipity or synchronicity in your journey? If so, how?  

I couldn’t think of how to say it better, so I went to the book and found the passage I was looking for, quoted here. This is Archangel Michael speaking as the mouthpiece for the entire Team. And yes, they laugh with me, and at me, all the time!

“Synchronicity: a magical coming together of people, places, and things to create a miraculous outcome.  In Truth, this is an everyday occurrence and as such is not so special (of course, it is special, as the entirety of the Universe moves to create it!), although in your 3D perception it seems a rare happening.  The mistaken belief is that most of the time, things go wrong, and cannot be stopped. But nothing could be further from the Truth! In reality, every “second” is another opportunity to create (co-Create) again, causing a different outcome. In Truth, there is no judgement about “things going wrong,” because even “bad” things become lessons or reveal paths that were unseen before.  In Truth, all experiences are just experiences, with no value judgements attached.  What some on Earth would call “bad luck” is nothing more or less than a system attempting to correct itself by shifting in another direction, or a lesson being learned. Sometimes, a lesson is taken too far or learned too well, and a Soul is mired in the consequences of the decisions. This is also divinely inspired, although those Souls need much more Light beamed to them to recover. As your Matt Kahn says, “when someone is hurting or angry, he needs more love, not less.”

So, Beloved, We feel that you think We’ve strayed off-topic, but We have not.  (laughter) Here is how all this ties together, neatly enough to satisfy even you. (more laughter) Every moment, even those moments which seem to contain “bad” things, are synchronistic! We have said it is perceived by many humans as a rare occurrence, but in fact it is not.  Every precious moment, every Now, is a blossoming convergence of every available potential springing forth into the most beautiful lesson available in that Now!  This is Truth – that every moment has the stamp, or mark, of synchronicity on it, and is the only available option. Your free will allows you to choose to embrace the synchronicity, the momentousness, of each Now, or you may overlook it and wait for another, “better,” synchronicity next time.  (laughter)”