Q&A with Reena Kumarasingham, author of The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys Into The Sacred Feminine Mysteries

What is The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys Into The Sacred Feminine Mysteries about and why did you write it

The Magdalene Lineage : Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries is about the story of an incredible woman – Mary Magdalene, her life story, her teachings, her legacy, which was carried on by her equally incredible daughter, Tamar. For two thousand years, she has been shrouded in mystery, a feminine caricature, either honoured as a Divine being, or vilified as an immoral soul. Through past life regression, backed by academic research and oral tradition, The Magdalene Lineage walks us through Mary Magdalene’s life from the age of 6 to 60 – in which we see her transformation from being a child to a woman to a wife and a mother and a revered and respected teacher of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

I wrote this because I wanted to shed light on Mary Magdalene the -woman. In this book, she is portrayed as a accessible and relatable woman, doing extraordinary things. If she, a normal woman, can go through the normal (and sometimes extreme) trappings of life, and doing extraordinary things – just through embracing an expanded consciousness, then so can we. She is an accessible example who is so inspiring.

I also wanted to introduce her equally amazing daughter too. She is not only the result of Mary’s principles on motherhood, but also embraces and perpetuates the Sacred Feminine teachings that Mary was sharing – in a bid to lift both women and men from a patriarchal consciousness to Oneness, Non Duality and Balance. Their teachings of Sacred Femininity is very relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

The other reason I wrote this book is because of how her accounts match Gnostic beliefs and teachings. Before this, I did not have too much exposure to Gnosticism… but researching for this book has connected me to Gnosticism and I think that the teachings are so beautiful, deep and in accordance with Mary’s accounts, and I wanted to share that with everyone.

I loved gathering the past life accounts and writing this book. The book inspired me, and I hope that the book inspires all who reads it. ☺

How does Mary Magdalene embody the Divine Feminine? And, how can her legacy help women today embrace and empower their Divine Feminine?

Without giving too many spoilers away, the past life accounts of Mary Magdalene in this book goes into great detail about how she was severely abused and disempowered by the patriarchal society of ancient Judae. She was beaten, degraded, and had everything that she cared for so dearly, including her reputation and dignity stripped away from her because she found the power and the means to leave that abusive situation, when she joined Jesus and his followers.

What I found incredibly inspirational though was her strength and compassion. After taking some time to heal, under the loving ministrations and support of Jesus and those closest to him, she not found her own inner radiant light, but she used her voice to spread that light to the many disenfranchised women living in ancient Judae. She used her voice to empower these women by spreading her teachings of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries – mysteries because she prudently taught women (and some men) to see themselves not as Society sees them, but through their own inner radiant light.

She brings to light the beauty of physical femininity, that was shunned or taken for granted by society – both by men and women. She saw and shared the beauty of menstruation, the beauty and purity of sexuality, the intention and connection of conception, birth and motherhood.

I think different people will take different things away with this book and the life of this extraordinary woman. There is just so much in there. My biggest take away is that because she could see her own light, she also saw the divine light in everyone, including the patriarchal system who had abused her the most. There is an amazing passage in the book where she was asked if she had forgiven a particular person. Her answer was that there was nothing to forgive. That person had their own Inner Light and she was her own. That person tried to dim her light because that person could not connect to theirs. However, she saw that that person was a Divine Soul in their own right – so there was nothing to forgive. In saying so – she showed how empowered she was, and she empowered this person.

One could say that no matter what she went through she did not see herself as the victim. She healed, and through her healing, she empowered herself. She showed that those who are empowered empowers others. Those holding on to the wounds will deconstruct others.

I love Mary Magdalene’s take on the Divine Feminine. To me, she is the epitome of the empowered Feminine… and it is time for this story to be told.

What advice do you think Mary Magdalene would give people who feel disenfranchised or judged today?

I think her strongest advice is through her example. In the Magdalene Lineage, she always focused on the one unifying factor that everyone has – their own inner radiant light. By appreciating and honouring their own radiant light, they can then flow with what is in resonance to their inner self, and opposed to validating what is happening outside of them.

In the Magdalene Lineage, Mary was incredibly disenfranchised and abused in the culture that she lived in. When she could not longer handle the abuse, she found strength within herself to follow her heart and her resonance to leave everything that she was used to, and the trappings of the external world, and live a different life. In that move, she lost everything – her family, her material wealth, her societal status and even had her reputation shredded and her dignity maligned.

But what she found was far more valuable to her. She found her own inner radiant light and she found an entirely new way of life that was in resonance with her inner radiant light. She found what it felt like to be unconditionally loved and empowered for who she was – and she empowered all those around her to notice the Inner Light within themselves and others – no matter what gender, what socio economic status, what belief system.

In that inner Radiant Light – all are equal.

She lost everything to find her own inner radiant light. Her gift to others is the empowerment to find their own inner radiant light and use that to voluntarily make choices that are in resonance, as well as to see themselves and what’s around them as equal and One.

In the book, you also write about integrating the Sacred Masculine with the Divine Feminine. How can we do that? And, what advice would you give men today who would like to develop their authentic masculinity, but either adhere to rigid traditional societal norms of masculinity or completely deny or repress their own authentic masculine traits?

To answer this question, I am going to refer to my course, Empowering the Divine Feminine, which was inspired by both the Magdalene Lineage and pulls on some Hindu principles.

In Hinduism, we have Lord Shiva and his consort, Shakti. Shiva is the archetype representation of the Sacred Masculine essence, and Shakti the Divine Feminine essence. Shiva and Shakti are as inseperable as fire is from heat. Shakti is the energy that moves and Shiva is the spaciousness that holds the energy. Each person has Shiva and Shakti within, and harmonising and balancing Shakti and Shiva is crucial reach Oneness within and without.

Aspects of the Divine Feminine include (but not limited to) emotion, intuition and receiving. The Sacred Masculine aspects include (but not limited to) drive and focus, rationality and doing.

The Divine Feminine or Shakti essence has been suppressed in men leading to what I refer to as ‘False Masculinity’ which is driven by deep insecurity and fear and an attempt to increase power

How many men have been told as children that they can’t cry or be too emotional otherwise they are not man enough? How many men value rational analysis and dismiss intuitive signals? How many men have the drive to do, or feel the pressure of being the provider and find it difficult to sit back and receive?

Everyone’s inner light is comprised on the balance of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. In order to incorporate the Divine Feminine aspects, we first have to drop all pre-conceived notions, judgements and cultural conditioning of what it means to be a ‘Man’ and balance, heal, honour and integrate our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies to move towards Oneness and Wholeness.

Of course men need to play an important role in balancing both their Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine essence within, but society also needs to support this and not label and judge what it means to be an ‘Ideal’ man or woman- to find the balance within and walk in the Divine Light of Oneness.

What do you think was the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus and what did you learn about Jesus in your research?

According to the accounts in The Magdalene Lineage – Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife…. But it went much deeper. Through the ceremony of the Sacred Union that she talked about, they became One in spirit. It is a truly pure spiritual love story.

I love that question – what did I learn about Jesus in my research. To answer your question, I think I have to give a bit of context.

I grew up a Hindu in Malaysia. I then had a period of being an atheist before embracing the spiritual path nearly 15 years ago. All I knew of Jesus and Christianity was that Jesus died on the Cross and Christmas.

This book’s entire journey started about 6 years ago – when I stumbled into my first regression in the Biblical times. My client came for a Between Lives Spiritual Regression session and spontaneously went back to the life of James, the brother of Jesus. As I was facilitating the session for her, I was transfixed by her accounts because I did not even know Jesus had a brother. Then, I had another client who came from Denmark to see me for another Between Lives session, who spontaneously went back to the life of Disciple Thomas. The debrief of this session was so funny because neither of us knew that there was a Disciple Thomas in Jesus’ life until we looked it up on the internet. LOL!

Then, over a period of 4 years, I stumbled into 8 different people, from all over the world, most of whom did not know each other, who came either for therapeutic sessions or were being taught to be Past Life Regression therapists, who all spontaneously regressed back to the biblical times as people who were close to Jesus. All their accounts differed from the mainstream narrative yet dovetailed intricately with each other.

I took all their accounts and did some research into it and realised that their accounts were in line many historical and academic findings as well as oral tradition. So, this culminated in my first book, Shrouded Truth.

So I learnt a lot about Jesus from Shrouded Truth. I came from virtually no knowledge to writing books about that period for the past 6 years. There is so much that I learned that I put in these books. However, the most pertinent aspect that stuck with me is how authentic he was.

He was living in a time of great change, and he was spreading a message that went against and challenged the established religion, the established ruling class, the established culture – and his teachings (and that of his followers) were about breaking down existing belief systems to open the eyes to what could be, and to open the hearts to love. For challenging the established ways and the establishment, he was publically denounced, degraded and sentenced to be executed. Yet, he never wavered and was always authentic because he saw his own inner light, and he saw the inner light of even those who punished him.

It reminds me that we are going through a similar time of change now – and it is well worth us seeing changes with open eyes and heart, to not judge but to hold an expanded consciousness – whether we agree or disagree – just as he did.

Part of you book is involves past life regression. Can you provide any compelling examples from your work doing past life regression?

Past Life Regression is a process where we take people back to their past lives. This can be done for 2 reasons – we affectionately call one reason Past Life Tourism… where we guide people back to past lives just for them to see and experience what they were in the past.

My passion is Regression Therapy – where we follow a person’s challenge to the source of the wounding – which is in the past life – to heal and transform that wounding so that it no longer interferes in the current life. This work involves working in the past life, on the current life, if the wounding is present in the current life, and sometimes also the ancestral timeline. It provides amazing transformation for clients. The analogy we use is that instead of putting a band-aid on the splinter, we use tools to gently pry the splinter out, while working on the wound at the same time, to ensure that we not leave gapping hole, but a healing imprint. Past Lives can also help transform consciousness in the same way.

I think the most compelling example of that is the culmination of my books, Shrouded Truth and The Magdalene Lineage. I do not present the accounts and the research in my books as the only truth. I have presented the narrative in my books as an alternate story – and I ask readers to make up their own minds and hearts, which feels right and true for them.

I cannot tell you how many people have read them and have said to me how the story resonates so deeply and so vividly with them. I even have readers who are Christians who have reached out saying how much the books have changed them. I admire these readers greatly – because I can understand it was hard to turn each page as it challenges deeply held convictions and beliefs… and yet they persisted, feeling something in their souls with the accounts in the book.

You also do Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy. What is the difference between that and past life regression and can you provide any compelling examples from that work for how that has helped someone improve their life?

Where Past Life Regression takes people back to past lives, where they were incarnated in a body, Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a profound process that takes people back to the space in between their last past life and their current life. In this space, we can explore a person’s purpose for being incarnated, soul contracts between themselves and significant others, the reasons behind some of the significant events in their lives. The process can also connect people to their Spirit Guides or the Wise Beings of Light who helped with the planning of their lives. It is a beautiful, deep and profound process, and most people come away from the process having a deep understanding of why they are here, now, and it changes their perspective on life.

I had a client, whom I saw for several sessions of regression therapy because she was so badly abused (physically, sexually, psychologically and emotionally) by her ex-husband, and was strong and brave to go through multiple sessions to heal from the experience. After multiple sessions of regression therapy, she felt whole and complete but the one thing she could not open up to was to another marriage.

She then decided she wanted to go through a Between Lives session to learn and understand the contract between her and her ex husband, as well as her purpose for being down here and going through such a harsh experience. One of the many things that she found out is that her soul wanted to learn all aspects of love. So she learned love from her parents, love of her children, and she also learnt the lack of love through her ex husband. From a soul contract perspective, her soul had made this contract with the soul of her ex husband for her to learn this. And the contract was fulfilled.

I understand that from a human consciousness, this is tough to hear… but she was getting the information through her soul consciousness and from a soul perspective, one of her and his higher self.

A few weeks after that session, she came back for a follow up session and she said that she was ready now, to find a partner in life. One that can help her understand partner / husband love. She also found the deeper meaning in what had happened – that it did not just happen randomly. She could then let go of any lingering hurt from the experience and move forward – free and clear.

I love doing this work. It is so profound and it just changes perspectives and shifts consciousness. It is a deep and meaningful way to help people.

Have you experienced any examples of serendipity or synchronicity in your work or journey? If so, what?

Oh my gosh – these books are the culmination of synchronicity and serendipity. Firstly, having grown up a Hindu in Malaysia, I was quite satisfied in my limited, almost non existent beliefs about Christianity. I was not seeking to know more and I certainly was not looking for people who regressed back to the biblical times. Synchronicity played a major role in bringing all the relevant people to me at the right time to regress for these books.

Also, I am not a life long student of Christianity and I really did not know where to start looking for academic or oral evidence to back up and validate the accounts, giving them depth. So I sent an intent to the Universe to lead me to the right books…. And synchronicity answered. I remember this one time I was looking for toothpaste on Amazon, and an ad for a number of books came up that were so pertinent for the doing the research for books. I regularly teach in Mt Shasta, in California, and a couple of time, books that I needed just dropped off the shelves in my hands.

I am convinced that without Synchronicity and serendipity, my books would not have happened.