Interview with Viki King, author of How to Write a Movie in 21 Days – The Inner Movie Method

I interviewed Viki King, consultant and best-selling author of How to Write a Movie in 21 Days – The Inner Movie Method. Our conversation topics ranged from her reaction when she found out her book appeared in two Sopranos episodes, advice she has for filmmakers trying to make a movie that will reach a large audience and her experience working on spiritual entertainment projects as a gifted Oracle.

Viki also gave me a sample of some of her consulting services. She gives consultations on Healing the Hollywood Heart, Help from High Places, Weight Loss and general life counsel. I asked her what advice she would give me if I had a consultation with her and asked her how I could attract abundance and money into my life right now. Her answer really resonated with me and helped me shift the way I looked at what I could offer people and how to articulate that in a way that makes sense.

You can listen to her complete answer and our entire conversation by clicking on the link below to Spiritual Media Blog’s podcast on iTunes:

You can also read some highlights of our interview which are copied below.

For more information about Viki King and how you can get a consultation with her or sign up for an upcoming teleconference she has called “The Movie in Your Heart”, please visit her web site at Her “Movie in Your Heart” teleconference will be for anyone who is considering writing a book or screenplay or for anyone who has written a screenplay or book and how they can take their idea to the next level.

Matthew Welsh: Can you talk a little bit about the inner movie method. What is it?

Viki King: “The inner movie method turns on the inner projector at your heart and it allows that you watch the movie that is in your heart in your head. So you are doing something that is very, very familiar, watching a movie. This time you are watching a movie that is very, very familiar deep within you. This is a way of connecting what is deeply what you wish to bring forth with a skill set that you have that is natural and so easy that you can even eat popcorn while you are doing it. So, the combination of bringing those two elements together allows that you easily role out with the truth with the real heartbeat of what your film is within you.”