A Simple Meditation to Instantly Cultivate more Joy

If you are on a spiritual journey to unlock more joy and satisfaction in your life, then I have a very important message for you. Below is a simple meditation that anyone can follow, where you will quickly be anchored in the present, feel peace, and be one step closer to your spiritual goals.

A Simple Meditation

Find a time and place where you can walk alone, undisturbed. However, instead of letting your thoughts wander as you walk, bring your attention to inhabiting your body and surroundings as you take each step.

| Step 1: Walk with awareness

Feel your arms swing. Feel your legs rise and fall. Feel your chest as it moves along with your body. Do this with intention and focus.

| Step 2: Feeling your Entire Body

After a few seconds, transition your focus to feel your body as a whole as you move. You do not need to look at any body part in particular, but have an awareness for your entire body.

The main objective is to have your mind and body align with your movements. This serves to anchor your attention to the present.

| Step 3: Notice your surroundings

After you walk a few paces and feel a sense of sustained alertness, stop walking and bring your attention to the objects around you. When looking at them, you want to see them exactly for what they are, and feel their natural beauty.

If you don’t label them, judge them, or think about them but instead look at them intensely with your presence, that’s when you see them for what they really are and are immersed in your surroundings.

| Step 4: Notice your thoughts

After roughly 30 seconds, you may notice that your thoughts will reenter your mind.

This is okay. It means it is time for you to draw yourself back in the present.

|Step 5: Repeat all steps one time

At this point, you should resume walking to anchor your body and attention to the present moment. Once again, the main goal is to align your awareness with your body. You will feel an intense focus on the present moment if you do this.

After a few seconds, then once again look at the objects around you. A door hinge. Paint on a wall. A pen. But don’t label them and think about them.

Feel their essence and the power of their existence in the physical world. They have energy. It’s just that you may have only noticed it when you are present and when your mind has left its autopilot mode.

After roughly five minutes, of this meditation, you will feel much more at peace and have a more profound understanding and connection with the world.

An alternative to Walking

If you are currently unable to walk without being interrupted, you may also try sitting still, but putting your attention to your body nonetheless.

Sit up straight, without leaning your back on anything such as a chair or bed.

Lay your hands palm facing down on your legs and keep your feet flatly but gently resting on the floor.

| Step 1: Sit with awareness

Feel your different body parts with every contact they make. Whether it’s your hands pressing against your lap or your head resting gently upright on your neck. Move from part to part until you feel sustained focused. Relax any body part that you feel tension in.

These details all need attention now, especially since they are usually overlooked in our hyperactive, mind-driven lives.

| Step 2: Feeling your Entire Body

Now, bring your attention to your body as a whole, feeling your entire body all at once. You will feel alive and awakened from this.

| Step 3: Notice your surroundings

After a few seconds, you may open your eyes to look at the objects around you as described previously.

| Step 4: Notice your thoughts

Notice your thoughts

| Step 5: Repeat all steps one time


In order for this article to have lasting effect, you must not only read it, but you must also apply it, to feel its transformative effects.

I challenge you to give it a try. Don’t try it later. Try it now.

Afterwards, perform this meditation as often as you can, at least 5 minutes a day. With every day you practice it, you will become naturally will be grounded in the present.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to respond to the comments below this post! Let me know if this meditation is helpful for you!


Bio: Derek is the blogger at westernmonks.com. He has been on a personal spiritual journey for three years, studying under Sahaja Meditation yogis and reading books from western teachers such as Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer. He now wishes to spread his learnings to more people through practical and actionable articles that impact his readers with every word.


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