Did you Ever Dream of A Snake? Here is What it Means

Did you ever dream of a Snake that seems like a reality? Then you are in the right place. Dreaming of a Snake is one of the most common yet petrifying dreams you will ever experience. Not only does the snake looks real but also its bite in the dream hurt like a real bite. A Snake dream is so horrifying that many people report experiencing sleep paralysis for a short duration.

But What Does a Dream of a Snake Means?

Generally, Dreaming of a snake is a symbol of fear and threatening situation in your waking life. Does it only have a negative meaning? No, such a dream can also have positive meanings like Healing and Transformation. But this definition is not enough to fully interpret your dream so we will dig a little deeper to Interpret your dream. Before we begin the interpretation, it is vital to understand that every minute detail of your dream can completely change the interpretation of your dream. So make sure that you note down all the details of your dream on a paper as it will further help you in the interpretation.

Dreaming about a Snake Bite

Getting a Snake Bite in Dream is one of the most painful dreams you will ever have. A Bite from the snake in the dream seems like a real bite, and in most cases, the pain can be felt even after waking up. Many people state that the pain of the bite can be felt for several hours after waking up. But How can it be possible and

What Does that Mean?

A bite from this wild reptile is a symbol of wake up call. It is a sign that you are ignoring something important in your waking life that needs your attention. The pain from the bite is to make you realize that something needs to be done. It can also mean that there is some poisonous person in your waking life that will try to harm you. Several events from the dream can mean different things. For instance, if the snake bites you and then die, then it is a symbol that your enemies will attempt to harm you but will fail miserably. If you are bitten and then die, then it is a sign that your enemies will be successful in harming you.

Dream of Snake In Water

Water is a place of Advantage for Snake as many snakes live in water, but for humans being in water reduces your efficiency. Everything seems to move in slow motion.

But what does this mean?

Generally, the Dreaming of snake in water symbolizes your emotions and feelings. But the type of water also plays a vital role in telling what type of feelings and emotions does your dream represents. If the water was muddy or dirty, then it represents negative emotions like Confusion, Nervousness, etc., but if the water was clean, then it represents positive emotions like happiness, joy, excitement and more.

If in your dream, the snake was trying to harm you in water, then this means that your emotions are getting out of control and you must control them before it completely goes out of control. This is a sign that something disastrous will happen if you let your emotions go out of control. If the snake was not trying to harm you, then it means that you are dealing with positive emotions in your life.

Snake Eating Its Tail

Dreaming of a Snake Eating its tail is known as Ouroborus and is a symbol of Eternity. It means everything starts and ends at the same place. It can also symbolize Karma that whatever you do to others will come back to you and thus doing good to others will bring back the same to you.

Killing a Snake in Dream

It is some of the rare events when you kill a snake instead of getting a bite from him. Killing a Snake in Dream can mean that you will overpower your enemies. It can also be a symbol that who so ever is trying to harm you will not succeed in the process. However, religion and culture play a vital role in Interpretation. For Instance, In Hinduism Killing a Snake is considered a bad symbol as a snake is worshipped in that religion.

Dream of Small Snakes

Dreaming of Small Snakes is a symbol that you are underestimating the threat in your waking life. It is a sign that there is something or someone in your waking life whom you underestimate but can prove to be disastrous if not given due attention on time. It can be an underestimation of your enemies(Competitor) whom you thought will not be able to affect your business.

Meaning According to Religion


In Christianity, a Snake is a symbol of Satan, i.e., evil. In the Garden of Eden, a Snake Tricked Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge located in the center of the garden. A dream of snake in Christianity is a symbol that there is a Satan in your waking life that may trick you in doing something wrong.


In Islam, a Snake is considered a Vicious Creature as it provokes the feeling of fear. If the snake bites you in a dream, then it means something disastrous is going to happen in your waking life that will turn your world upside down. If you kill the serpent, then it means you will overpower your enemy.


In Hindu Tradition a Snake is worshipped as Gods like Vishnu and Shivji have a snake close to them which is believed to symbolize that dark forces are under control. They are also believed to be the protector of wealth, and because they give the antivenom for their own venom, therefore, they are also believed to symbolize health. If you dream of a serpent, then it symbolizes that you will soon receive health or wealth. So if you have a disease, then such a dream can be a symbol that you will be cured, and if you are going in loss, then it can symbolize future profit. Killing a serpent is a bad symbol and a sign of something terrible that is coming your way.

Dream of Multiple Snakes

Dreaming of Multiple Snakes is a symbol that you are trapped in Multiple Threats in your waking life. It is a sign that you are getting drowned in the swamp of threats that can result in a disastrous situation in your life. This dream is a warning sign telling you to get out of this swamp before its too late.

Dream of Snake While Pregnant

Generally Dreaming of a Snake is a negative symbol like Fear, but it is just the opposite when it comes to pregnancy.Dreaming of a serpent in pregnancy reveals the sex of the baby. Dreaming of a black snake means that you are going to have a Baby Boy, whereas a White Snake symbolizes a beautiful baby girl in your womb. A Green snake symbolizes that you will have a healthy pregnancy and you will give birth to a healthy child.


  1. Amanda says:

    I had a Dream of 2 snakes 1 big and thick ” Red and black” the other one was very little and you could not tell its color. I remember thinking that the little snake did not belong with the bigger one I had a pole and was going to try and kill the snake and When I Went to smash it The Ceiling dropped as if it was like a Drop type Block Ceiling and The snakes both ”spiraled” up into the house or wherever it was I was at. I can remember feeling like Oh’ No the little one Followed but with in seconds I thought well it was teach it how to survive and they will find a place to stay warm. I have a lot going on in my personal life I could almost pinpoint all this to but I am worried it being a snake. I never remember my Dreams and this one stood out very much ! Could anyone help me with the meaning behind this. I have been dealing with thoughts of a unfaithful boyfriend and I have a child involved in this web of deceit in my Personal life. My Best friend of 20 years is the one my Bf is seeing or That I think is seeing but I have no proof at all.. My instincts as a mother have been telling me this guy Evil. I am worried that he is going to lead my son in the wrong path of life. I am not perfect myself But I do Live in love and have a firm Foundation In God. I have been praying and I have been seeking answers and I guess I do not like the answers I am getting and I keep trying to change it.. I keep questioning myself and My God.. I am questioning my sanity at this point. Maybe because I want to be wrong I want a family so bad. 🙁 Please help with my dream. I had hopes that maybe now the deceit was over and that a new Leaf has turned and that things are going to change. I have lots of faith but can only change myself !!

  2. MELODY S. DIOSANA says:

    Good morning! I am Melody. I dreamt days ago of small but colorful snakes in the bed with a baby beside me. Instead of being frightened I pulled those snakes on their tails and threw them away from. In my dream these snakes were so harmless and that I am the one getting them on the sides even on the bed where I am lying with the baby smiling near beside me. In reality, I am too and so, so afraid of snakes though I was born in the year of the snakes. But honestly speaking, when I woke up, I started to feel nervous of such dream. What is the meaning of this dream. Please help me! Thank you very much! And God bless us all! 🙏🙏🙏

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